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Corrected entry: Bryce Dallas Howard incorrectly describes the Idominous Rex as InGen's "First genetically-modified hybrid." Every single InGen dinosaur has been a GMH. They're hybrids in the sense of being mixed with frog DNA and genetically modified to not produce correct amino acids in case of escape. A more accurate line would be "We have our first multiple dinosaur hybrid."

Correction: Largely semantics. Whilst you're right that frog DNA was used in the original movie's premise and that technically they were genetically modified, they also made it clear that they then bred them beyond that stage to be pure Stegosaurus or T-Rex but with the one caveat of withholding one vital element to control them. In Lost World, this particular genetically modified hybrid is NEW in the way that the species has never existed in history before, it is man made.


Correction: If you watch the behind-the-scenes bonus features for this scene, you hear Claire have an extra part of her dialogue; "a new species built from scratch." Even without this line, Dr. Wu says that Indominus wasn't bred, but designed, so Claire is still accurate.

Corrected entry: After the Avians terrorize the center of the theme park there are dead animals everywhere, broken windows... Fast forward in the movie time just a few hours later and the main street looks brand new.

Correction: No. They just picked up the bodies and such. The main street was still damaged from the attack.

Correction: They cut to Bryce Dallas Howard then to Pratt walking up to the owner and talking (you see the clear desk in the background). After the conversation they cut to a wideshot of the actor putting the toys back on the desk.

Corrected entry: When Zach and Gray are waiting in the line for the gyro-sphere, every 20-30 seconds one sphere is leaving. But when they are driving around there is no other gyro-sphere anywhere else around to see. Since these vehicles are not driving that fast, there should at least be some nearby.

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Correction: There is one other gyrosphere that can be seen in the distance. On the electronic map in the control room you can also see locations of nearby gyrospheres.

Corrected entry: Gray and Zach are given VIP passes that mean they don't have to wait in line for attractions. However, they are seen queuing for the Gyrospheres.

Correction: These passes work the same way as Disney World's Fast Passes. You still have to wait in line behind all the other people who bought VIP passes.

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Corrected entry: When the kids are watching the mosasaurus show just before it eats the shark. Everyone is holding a phone, tablet or camera. But As soon the water splashes over the public no one has them in their hands anymore.

Correction: In the shot you're talking about, there are 4 devices seen recording the show. In the next shot, before the water hits, you can see the 4 people holding their device.


Corrected entry: Instead of waiting for Claire to get to the control room and inform them of the Indominus Rex's location, Owen and the guards idiotically walk into the pen to check for themselves. Not only does this lead to the Rex escaping, but would have solved nothing anyway.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: They thought it had escaped because they saw claw marks on the walls, and assumed it would be big enough to be seen if it was anywhere remotely nearby. They had no reason to even consider that it could hide inside the compound with camouflage.


Corrected entry: When Claire and Owen are at the top of the waterfall after the boys have jumped, she takes off her belt, rolls up her sleeves and ties her shirt up. When she walks away, there is no sign of the belt on the ground.

Correction: Because she throws it away to prove a point.

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Corrected entry: A handler falls a good distance into the raptor paddock and lands on his back, but gets up as if nothing has happened.

Correction: It is entirely possible to survive a fall like that onto your back with no serious damage, especially if he were to go limp. He did not appear to have time to tense up during his fall, which would have reduced damage. Also, the adrenaline would have helped him work through the pain and/or damage.

No it's not possible to survive a fall like that without being receiving serious damage especially given the very large number of Gs of force your body would receive.

Look up the names Chris Saggers, fell from the 22nd story of a building and walked away with a minor fracture, or Julianne Diller, who fell out of an aircraft at 10,000 ft without a parachute and not only survived, was in good enough condition to walk for 10 days in a Peruvian rainforest to get back to civilization. Point being, luck plays a part and the g forces from falling 20 feet aren't as bad as you might think.

The fall was over 30 feet, but bringing up stories of people who sustained substantial injuries doesn't bode well for your argument by that a fall from 20 feet (which isn't even the height he fell from) wouldn't result in injury. Plus, depending on the stopping distance, a fall from 20 feet would easily result in a g-force of over 150 (most concussions deliver 95 g's).


Corrected entry: Just before the Indominus Rex ambush, in one shot the Asset Containment Unit trooper Meyers is equipped with a taser-rifle. In the next, she's equipped with a cattle prod. This happens at least twice. (00:46:10)

Correction: She only has a cattle prod.

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Corrected entry: After the boys jump off the waterfall and crawl out of the river they find the old visitor centre, where Gray somehow pulls a dry box of matches out of his pocket.

Correction: Prior to this scene, Gray had a fanny-pack on (Zack even has a line telling him to cover it up), so he pulled the matches out of it, not his pocket.

Corrected entry: When Gray and Zach are being attacked by the Indominus Rex while in the gyro sphere, they are facing upward when the dinosaur bites down on the sphere. When they unbuckle their seat belts and fall out, they are facing downward.

Correction: You see the gyroscope move downward whilst trapped by the indominus.

Corrected entry: When the kid tries to rescue the pig in the raptors' area, he falls from over 30 feet up and gets no injury of any kind - he's later absolutely fine and releasing the raptors from the paddock. (00:23:50)


Correction: While not likely, it is possible to fall from a height such as that and sustain no injury.

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How do you know that for sure? I have never heard of people surging 30 foot falls without receiving any injury.

There's instances of people falling off midrises with only mild injuries, people survive skydiving accidents, but a young person falling 20 feet (it's no where near a 3 story drop). Just looked up a couple names Chris Staggers and Julianne Diller, look them up.

I didn't see any fall related story for Chris Stagger, but Juliane Diller suffered a broken collarbone, gashes, and her eye was swollen shut, which is the whole point of the mistake. The mistake never claims a fall from that height would have killed him, only that he would have at least SOME kind of injury. The fact that about 50% of people die from falls at a height of 48 feet, and that falls are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths, the mistake is valid that a fall of more than 30 feet would result in some injury, if not a major life threatening injury.


It does seem more like 15-20 feet instead of 30. He falls flat onto his back, the safest way to fall as it spreads out of the impact. In addition, we don't actually know that he suffered no injury. Since he wasn't rendered unconscious, he was well aware that he just fell into the raptor pen. The adrenaline surge he would have been going through would have meant pain would have been pushed aside.


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Continuity mistake: When the brothers exit the lake they dove in, their wet hair styles change in every single angle, at least 5 times in 3 seconds. (01:00:05)

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Misrani: What happened to the sibling?
Claire: She ate it.

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Trivia: When the pterosaur flies into the restaurant, a man in a blue denim shirt wearing a safari-brim tan fedora and a red handkerchief tied around his neck can be seen jumping away from the creature. It is not Alan Grant, but this extra was dressed in the same outfit Dr. Grant wore in the original Jurassic Park.

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Question: If all of the base DNA for the dinosaurs in the park was obtained from dino-blood inside mosquitoes, where did they get the DNA for the Mosasaurus from? A flying blood-sucking insect would not come into contact with a sea dwelling dinosaur, and there are no amber-equivalents in the ocean to trap any sea based blood suckers.


Answer: And what about just digging for bones for the Mosasaurus? I think this was said somewhere-although I can't remember where so apologies if I'm wrong-but I think Dr. Wu mentioned something about it, so I'm sure they could've gotten DNA WITHOUT getting the blood from a mosquito. It sounds possible in my opinion.

Chosen answer: The scientific inaccuracy of the mosquitoes/DNA notwithstanding, at the end of the film the Mosasaurus surfaces at the edge of its pool in order to drag in the Indominus Rex. Assuming the Mosasaurus did the same thing to catch prey in its own time period, it's feasible a mosquito could have landed on its body and extracted some blood in that short amount of time, especially if the prey was putting up resistance.

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And a mosquito would always be in that area and be keen on getting blood from that particular dinosaur? Plus, it didn't take much for the Indominus to be taken down since the Mosasaurus is kind of a big creature, so how hard would it be for other animals to be taken down as well? Added, the Mosasaurus was being fed a shark when we first meet it; it's not like it was hunting on its own in an enclosed area.

Mosquitoes are everywhere, so it's not a matter of convenience that one would be in the same area and being keen on going after that particular animal. Plus, I just pulled up the scene on YouTube and it takes close to 10 seconds for the Mosasaurus to drag the Indominous Rex to its doom, which is plenty of time for a mosquito to land on it and extract blood. And as I stated in the answer, the explanation of DNA being harvested from preserved mosquitoes is scientifically inaccurate anyway, so even a tenuous explanation of how a mosquito would get that animal's blood is no more tenuous than dinosaurs being brought back to life in the first place.

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