Trivia: The Tiger tank used in the battle with Fury is an actual German Tiger tank that was captured by British forces in North Africa in 1943. Its original turret number is 131, meaning the tank is from the 1st company, 3rd platoon, 1st tank, which was the platoon leader's vehicle.


Trivia: During filming, the other tank crew cast members referred to Brad Pitt as "Top", as he was considered the "Top Dog" of the crew. "Top" also refers to the rank of First Sergeant, aka "Top Sergeant."


Trivia: Staff Sergeant Collier's nickname, "War Daddy" is based on the nickname of real World War 2 Sherman tank commander Staff Sergeant Lafayette G. Pool, who fought with the 3rd Armored Division. Pool survived the war (though he lost a leg from his last combat operation) and died in 1991.


Trivia: Michael Pena, who played Gordo, actually learned how to drive the vintage Sherman tank that was used in the film.


Trivia: Actor Shia LeBeouf, a dedicated method actor who attempts to 'become' his role, avoided bathing for weeks before shooting. During filming the actor actually pulled out his own tooth.

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Suggested correction: This entry is almost true. He did not pull out of the tooth himself. The actor had a dentist in Mexico pull the tooth before filming. He could not find a California dentist that would extract a healthy tooth for 'cosmetic' reasons. Also, the actor cut himself on set several times so he could display realistic wounds for the camera.

Trivia: Gordy Travis' nickname "Coon-ass" indicates he is most likely from the state of Louisiana, as the residents of that state proudly call themselves "Coon-asses". They also proudly display the name on their vehicles in the form of bumper stickers.


Trivia: The sound effects of high-velocity shells are created by the sound of spinning Frisbees taped with whistles mixed with sound of real shell pass-by.

Yue Hin Yeung

Factual error: During the final battle, Gordo the tank driver calls out, "Panzerfaust, four o'clock!", as he looks through his periscope. He could not have seen any targets at four o'clock, as the driver's periscope could barely rotate towards the eleven and one o'clock positions, close to the left and right front corners of the tank's hull. The four o'clock position would be near the right rear of the tank.

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Wardaddy: I had the best bow gunner in the entire Ninth Army in that seat. Now I have you.

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