Fury (2014)

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Other mistake: It's established that Emma doesn't understand English as shown by Norman having to mime when talking in the bedroom. However just before this, Wardaddy calls her a nice clean girl and Norm should take her in the bedroom, or he would. Emma then walks towards the bedroom and pulls Norman after her. Wardaddy doesn't point to the door or motion in anyway to give away what he said. So how did Emma know to go to the bedroom? (00:57:45)

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Other mistake: The Tiger tank wouldn't have burst from cover after picking off one Sherman. Why would it when it could stay put and pick them off as they approach? Even in 1945 when recruits weren't always well trained, the German Wehrmacht didn't give Tigers to newbies. (01:17:10)

Other mistake: Just before the final battle, while ammo checks are being done a shot is fired from Norman's machine gun when when the camera is aimed at the road. No sound accompanies the shot and at that stage of the battle they were supposed to be quiet, not taking test shots.

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Factual error: During the final battle, Gordo the tank driver calls out, "Panzerfaust, four o'clock!", as he looks through his periscope. He could not have seen any targets at four o'clock, as the driver's periscope could barely rotate towards the eleven and one o'clock positions, close to the left and right front corners of the tank's hull. The four o'clock position would be near the right rear of the tank.


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Wardaddy: Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.

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Trivia: The Tiger tank used in the battle with Fury is an actual German Tiger tank that was captured by British forces in North Africa in 1943. Its original turret number is 131, meaning the tank is from the 1st company, 3rd platoon, 1st tank, which was the platoon leader's vehicle.


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Question: Can someone please explain War daddy's quote "Ideals are peaceful, history is violent?"

Answer: There are probably a number of ways to interpret the quote, to be debated in a different forum. He's just saying thoughts about how to make the world a better place are peaceful. Rarely do people see war as a means to bring about peace. but as history shows us, war and violence often occur as a result of wanting change. Think about the 60's Civil Rights movements. Ideally, all men should be treated equally and there should be no segregation, but opposition to this resulted in violence (and to the opposition, ideally it would be better if races kept to themselves).


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