Dracula Untold

Question: I thought the old vampire told Vlad that if he drank blood during the 3 days, the old guy would be released from the cave and Vlad would take his place there forever. So how come at the end, after Vlad gave in and drank blood, becoming a vampire forever, he didn't have to stay in that cave?


Chosen answer: Actually, what the master vampire told Vlad is that he will return to mortal after three days if there is no feeding. If Vlad does feed, he will become a new vessel for the dark power, a new offering to the dark. Nothing was said that Vlad would be trapped in the cave but rather a scourge on the Earth. It is true that if Vlad feeds, the master vampire would be set free. After that, the master vampire can take revenge on the one who turned him. A new game of revenge would then be played between him and Vlad.

That's kind of weird because I remember the Master Vampire saying the same thing about Vlad staying in the cave forever too.

Question: Two questions. 1. Why were all of Vlad's coins melted down? As far as everyone is concerned, he had died so in a sense his own coins couldn't be used against him so melting them down seems kind of pointless. 2. Why would no portraits be made of Vlad? He had sacrificed himself to save his country and his son so he should be honored in some way.

Answer: Well I just saw it so I thought it was melted down to be used to defend themselves if one would appear again. Or they melted it because he was thought to be the evil and they didn't want to honor him.

Question: If the Sultan of Turkey needed 1,000 boys to be trained for his army, then why not just use the Turks' own children? Why demand the children that were under Vlad's protection?

Answer: It was very common in the Middle Ages for those who ruled over an area to demand various forms of tribute, a very common one being soldiers or children to train as soldiers.

Greg Dwyer

Question: Why was Vlad's title only Prince? Since he ruled Transylvania, his dad dead as he's never seen, shouldn't Vlad have been called a King instead?

Answer: The way things worked back then a ruler of a principality would normally be subject to a larger empire, like the Holy Roman Empire or the Ottoman Empire. Wallachia in its time was allied under both. Hence, he is a prince in the court of the Holy Roman, Russian or Ottoman Empire depending on what time period but never a king. Prussia and Bohemia did similar things, having their own kings but subject to the Holy Roman Emperor, being forced to call themselves "the King IN Prussia" rather than the king OF Prussia.

Answer: Vlad was Prince of Wallachia and Transylvania. The simple answer is Wallachia was a Principality, not a Kingdom. Principalities are ruled by Princes whereas Kingdoms are ruled by Kings (or Queens). Transylvania would have been a Voivodeship at the time, but Vlad ruled both.


Question: At the beginning of the film, Ingerad says that Vlad left the Turkish army and returned to Transylvania. Would Vlad really have been allowed to leave considering how great a warrior he was?

Answer: He was a prince, and likely had the power to leave if he chose.

raywest Premium member

Factual error: When Vlad goes into the Master Vampire's lair a second time, a Golden Knee Tarantula can be seen. These types of spiders are native to the Chaco region of Argentina, South America. Not in Eastern Europe.

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Master Vampire: Your silver offends me. Cloak it from my sight.

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Trivia: Luke Evans' father has a cameo appearance in this movie. He appears as one of the servants when Vlad addresses everyone after becoming a vampire. (00:33:50)

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