Magic in the Moonlight
Movie Quote Quiz

Stanley: All my optimism was an illusion.

Aunt Vanessa: The world may or may not be without purpose, but it's not totally without some kind of magic.

Stanley: I have irrational positive feelings for Sophie Baker.

Stanley: I came to say that for some inexplicable reason that defies common sense and human understanding, that I have, of late, experienced some small... quite small but discernible, inner stirrings regarding your smile.

Stanley: When the heart rules the head, disaster follows.

Stanley: I can't forgive you, only God can forgive you.
Sophie: But you said there is no God.
Stanley: Precisely my point.

Stanley: You're prettiest at about 8:20 in the summer, when the light is fading.

Continuity mistake: In a scene at a night club, Colin Firth's friend has a glass of red wine in his hand and then he has a glass of white wine.

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