The Return of the Living Dead
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Suicide: You think this is a fuckin' costume? This is a way of life.

Tina: Why don't we go to the park?
Scuz: Oh we can't, the cops said they'd shoot us if we go back to the park.
Spider: Yeah, and I ain't in no mood to die tonight.
Trash: I like death.
Chuck: I like death with sex. Casey, do you like sex with death?
Casey: Yeah so fuck off and die.

Zombie: Send more cops.

Burt Wilson: What about the bones Ernie?
Ernie Kaltenbrunner: Bones are no problem. Hardest thing to burn is the heart.
Burt Wilson: A heart, why?
Ernie Kaltenbrunner: 'cause it's just one big tough muscle.
Burt Wilson: Yeah, but Ernie, I mean, c'mon, we don't want the heart sticking around.
Ernie Kaltenbrunner: Then I'll turn it up hotter for the heart.

Ernie Kaltenbrunner: Freeze or you're dead.
Spider: Don't shoot, man.
Ernie Kaltenbrunner: Are you crazy? Are you on PCP?
Spider: Nobody's on any drugs, man! Just let us in.

Spider: I ain't in no mood to die tonight.

Tina: Mister, they're out there and there's more of them in that warehouse on the other side of the graveyard.
Burt Wilson: Which warehouse?
Tina: The medical supply.
Burt Wilson: Oh Shit! Shit! God damn.
Ernie Kaltenbrunner: I think things are getting out of hand.
Tina: Mister, there's a hundred of those things out there.
Burt Wilson: A hundred?

Tarman: Brains! Live brains.

Chuck: Hey, Casey, do you like sex with death?
Casey: Yeah, so fuck off and die.

Burt Wilson: You did what? You opened it? You stupid moron! You idiot! What's the matter with you Frank? Haven't I already told you never to even go near those goddamn tanks?
Frank: What are we gonna do, Burt?
Burt Wilson: I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to be sued by the Darrow Chemical Company. I might even be investigated by the government. I might become very famous. I might even lose my business. I might even go to jail, goddamn it! That's what I'm going to do.

Zombie: Send... more... paramedics.

Casey: Chuck, I never did like you. Oh, but God, hold me tight.

Trash: Do you ever wonder about all the different ways of dying? You know, violently? And wonder, like, what would be the most horrible way to die?
Spider: I try not too think about dying too much.
Trash: Mm. Well for me, the worst way would be for a bunch of old men to get around me, and start biting and eating me alive.
Spider: I see.
Trash: First, they would tear off my clothes.
Chuck: Hey, somebody get some light over here, Trash is taking off her clothes again.

Ernie Kaltenbrunner: What is that? What is that?
Spider: It's dead people screamin'.

Burt Wilson: If that is a re-animated body, we're gonna have to kill it.
Freddy: How do you kill something that's already dead?
Burt Wilson: How do I know, Fred? Let me think.
Frank: It's not a bad question, Burt.

Other mistake: When Trash first comes back to life as a zombie there is a shot of rain falling and smoke swirling. The shot plays forward, then reverses for a second or two before playing forward again. The rain falls up and the smoke reverses direction.

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Trivia: The eye test sign in the office where Burt tells the Army story reads 'Burt is a slave driver..'

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