Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Corrected entry: Why does Leia acquiece to Jabba's horny demands? Knowing her from the other movies, she would have been resisting him at all times. However, as it is seen in the Sail Barge, if Jabba only so much pulls her chain (and he obviously is not strong enough to toss her around with the chain), Leia runs from the window, up to his throne, and presses herself eagerly against him. Unless Jabba had been up to something with her before Luke showed up, this is a plot hole.


Correction: Obviously because she is his prisoner, she would have been killed or tortured unless she obeyed him at all times. She's probably just biding her time awaiting rescue or the best time to escape, and keeping him in a false sense of security until then.

Corrected entry: When Luke is standing over the trap door in Jabba's palace, it appears to be at some distance from Jabba. After he falls in, the scene shows Jabba's platform from a different angle, and the trap door is almost directly in front of Jabba's platform.

Correction: Jabba's platform literally moved closer to the opening to give him a better view.


Corrected entry: When Chewbacca goes to engage the hyperdrive, he does it by flipping overhead switches. Yet in the past the hyperdrive is engaged with a large lever in the center console. (Another mistake is Han squeezing 3 levers together to go to light speed, yet other times he pulls a single lever).

Correction: Ths ship that Chewie and Han send into lightspeed is not the Millenium Falcon, it is the stolen Imperial shuttlecraft. It is perfectly conceivable that different types of ship would have differently positioned switches and levers.

Corrected entry: When Jabba pulls Leia from the window on the sail barge, the chain is attached to the back of the collar on her neck. However, when she runs to him and jumps onto his throne and presses her body against his, look carefully--the chain is attached to the front of the collar.


Correction: The collar could rotate around her neck, putting the chain in different positions.


Corrected entry: Why does the Imperial Fleet give up as soon as the Death Star blows up? They still have more than enough firepower to wipe out the Rebels' ragtag fleet.

Correction: During the battle you can see several star destroyers be destroyed. Granted not all of them could have been destroyed, but enough to make the remaining ones retreat. Another explanation offered by the Star Wars website is that Palpatine was somehow connected to the minds of his Armed Forces through the Force (a lá Trade Federation Droid Control Ships) and with him gone, the fleet loses all motivation.

Correction: A third explanation: With the Death Star and the SSD Executor destroyed, the Imperial fleet's command structure is in shambles. They've lost the Emperor, Vader, and most of their superior officers, so there's no one left to take control and continue the fight. At that point, it becomes a case of every man for himself, so many of the Star Destroyers, in their damaged states, decide to cut their losses and retreat.

Corrected entry: The cockpit for the Falcon is on the right side of the ship. Why, from the inside, does it always look like it's directly in the center of the front of the ship? The visuals outside are not offset like they should be for a cockpit that's not in the middle of the ship.

Correction: They're not offset - you can't see the rest of the ship to the left because of where the cockpit windows are. We're just looking forwards into space.

Corrected entry: Look at the ewok that first meets the Princess. You can see the actor's normal pink thumb sticking out of the costume while he is holding the helmet. (01:04:25)

Correction: Ewoks do not have fur on their palms or fingers / finger tips. Warrick Davis' thumb is not visible in any screen shots in the movie while he is playing Wicket. The "pinkish" palms/fingers and enlarged finger nails are indeed part of the Wicket costume - not the actors.

Corrected entry: When the Ewoks start worshipping C3PO as a deity, Han Solo tells him to use his "divine influence," but C3PO refuses saying that it is against his programming to impersonate a deity. Later, though, Luke instructs C3PO to tell the Ewoks to threaten to his magical powers - impersonating a deity - which C3PO does, apparently no longer against his programming.


Correction: Deities aren't the only ones to possess magical powers - Jedi quite arguably do, for example. Threepio apparently can't claim to actually be divine, but simply magical appears to be allowable.


Corrected entry: Special Edition: In the first shot of the Bantha herd crossing the Tatooine desert, the second Bantha from the left has no head. Only the horns are there. (00:28:25)

Correction: If you look closely, the head is still there, you just can't see it because the Bantha's head is simply turned to its right. You can tell by the curve of the horn.

Corrected entry: When Jabba pulls Leia from the window in the Sail Barge, watch her as she jumps onto his throne to press herself against him - her hand presses against his belly, sinking notably deep into his (rubber) gut.


Correction: Jabba is a mess of fat. Your hand would sink deep into stuff like that. Besides, we don't know what his gut is made out of, so we can't say that a hand couldn't sink deep into his gut.

Corrected entry: When Luke and Vader activate their sabers and clash them, there is a shot of the Emperor laughing. During this shot, the two lightsaber blades can be seen going through each other.

Correction: This mistake is already listed. The blades do not go through each other. The mistake is that they are reversed, making it appear that Luke's saber is protecting the emperor, rather than attacking him.

They're not reversed. The core element was just missing on them for the DVD. But for the Blu-ray, they restored the core element.

Corrected entry: In the scene right after Ackbar says, "It's a trap!" tie fighters start swarming the Millennium Falcon. But if you look at the very next shot, four tie fighters at the bottom of the screen appear out of nowhere.

Correction: Already listed. With picture confirmation.


Corrected entry: Notice the eyes on Darth Vader's helmet throughout most of the movie. Then notice the eyes on his helmet in the scene were Luke is getting crispy-fried by the Emperor. When Darth Vader is looking from his son to the Emperor and back, the eyes are much wider and less menacing looking. That is to give the audience the image of concern and goodness.

Correction: Perhaps the lighting is different giving the illusion of a more sympathetic image. But there is no actual structural change in the helmet's eyes throughout the movie.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Luke cuts off Vader's right hand, wires are exposed suggesting that Vader's hand was bionic. However, as Episode 3 shows, Anakin's right arm was the only limb that was left intact and shouldn't have been bionic.

Correction: Anakin's right arm was cut off in EP 2. It was replaced with a mechanical one at the end of the film. We also see the mechanical arm in this film in the scene where he wakes from a nightmare. His left arm and both legs were cut off at the end of EP 3.

Corrected entry: When the rebels blow up the bunker and the shield generator at the end of the battle on Endor, the explosion is enormous, and appears to scorch huge amounts of the area around it, but when Han and the rebels run out of the bunker before the explosion, they run about 20 feet before it goes off. There's no way they would have survived that huge of a fireball.

Correction: The shield generator is a large installation, as we see on screen when Luke is delivered to Vader and later when it explodes. The bunker entrance (which is described in the film as being a subsidiary entrance) is some distance away from the main installation, as none of the installation can be seen nearby - presumably a tunnel, unseen in the film because it would just be dull to watch people walk along a tunnel, connects the entrance to the shield generator control centre. The large explosion takes out the shield generator installation - a small amount of the blast energy travels down the tunnel to cause the explosion seen there, but not nearly enough to endanger the Rebels and Ewoks nearby.


Corrected entry: Several times during the speeder bike chase, the rails for the camera are visible on the ground.

Correction: This is impossible due to the fact that the back ground plates (forest at different angles) were shot by a man walking through the forest with a steady cam(this is backed up on the documentary on the DVD). Therefore there are no rails or tracks for a camera to ride on.

Corrected entry: When Luke asks Leia if she remembers her real mother, she says yes, and that she died when Leia was very young. She also says that she was very beutiful, but sad all the time. In Revenge of the Sith, Padme dies in childbirth, so unless Leia has super newborn memory, she couldn't remember her mother.

Correction: There are many books stating that the Force can allow its wielder to see into the past, which is what Leia is doing.

She could also be referring to her adoptive mother.


Corrected entry: After the ambush in the shield generator bunker there is a cut to outside where you'll see lots of stormtroopers and the captured rebells with their hands above their heads. However, a white and black dressed soldier (speed biker?) stands to the right of the captured rebells - also with his hands in the air.

Correction: The speed biker who has his hands in the air is a rebel in a biker trooper's uniform. After the Ewok takes off on the speeder, and two of the biker troopers take off after him, the remaining biker is captured by the rebels. A rebel soldier then puts on the uniform to "stand guard" over the shield generator bunker complex, to make it appear that everything is normal. When the trap the Emperor set for Solo and the Rebels led to their capture, the disguised rebel soldier was captured as well.

Mark English

Corrected entry: After the shot of C3PO talking to the ewoks in the scene in which the ewoks surround Han, Chewie, Luke, C3PO, and R2-D2, there is a shot of two ewoks talking. The first ewok says in plain English "That guy's wise."

Correction: Listen carefully, it is just Ewok speak. Many of the things they say could be incorrectly construed as English.

Corrected entry: The idea that Han, Luke and the gang would jeopardize the mission by wasting time looking for Leia in the forest and hanging out with the Ewoks as long as they do is insane. They have a thousand ships on route to destroy the Death Star and they decide to go after one missing soldier?

Correction: As stated in the briefing room scene, Luke, Leia and Chewie were the command crew for the shuttle; Han has already chosen the soldiers to carry out the mission, and as such, they know the drill and can carry it out without him (after all, what if he died in battle?). Leia, whilst technically expendible as a team member, is an important leader in the Rebellion, and to lose her like that would be a terrible blow to the Alliance.


Revealing mistake: In many of the scenes taking place in outer space, if you look closely you can see polygon borders surrounding space vehicles (X-Wings, Star Destroyers, and even the Death Star) indicating the objects being superimposed into the outer space background. [This mistake may only apply to the Blu Ray version.]


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Darth Vader: If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny!

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Trivia: When filming ROTJ, Lucas didn't want anyone to find out that they were shooting the third Star Wars movie, because pandemonium could break out. So when someone asked the crew what they were filming, they said "Blue Harvest". All of the crew had shirts and hats that said Blue Harvest on them. The fictitious film's tagline was "Horror beyond imagination."

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Question: Who is Luke talking about when he covers up his hand and says that he has a promise to keep to an old friend? Who is the old friend?

Tyler R

Answer: Yoda. When he was departing for Cloud City to save his friends in the previous film, he promised Yoda that he would return to Dagobah to complete his training.


OK. But I thought he was talking about the holeish thing in his hand since he covered it up when he said it. I must have misunderstood it.

The hole in Luke's robotic hand reminds him that he got that robotic hand in the first place because he lost his duel with Darth Vader at Cloud City - a confrontation Yoda warned him he was not ready for.


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