Droopy's Double Trouble

Droopy's Double Trouble (1951)

7 mistakes

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Directed by: Tex Avery

Starring: Bill Thompson, Daws Butler

Genres: Animated, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: When Spike is thrown off the diving board for the first time, the board is yellow with a white tip. When he is thrown off the board for a second time, it is now completely brown.

Continuity mistake: When Droopy puts Spike into the shower, Spike is wearing his yellow pyjamas. But when Drippy sends Spike crashing out of the shower, the pyjamas have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Before Droopy takes Spike for his nap, you can see Spike's eyes are perfectly fine. When he is in bed, he now has a black eye, and when Spike takes off the bed clothes, the black eye has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Spike is eating the leg of ham, the glass on the tray is empty. But when Drippy arrives at the table, the glass is now full of beer.

Continuity mistake: When Spike is sitting at the table waiting for his "surprise", Drippy arrives, picks up the table and hits Spike with it. You can see Spike is wearing his hat when this occurs, but he crashes into the patio table in the next shot, the hat has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Spike says "Let me have it, pal!" he is holding a knife, fork and a plate and has a napkin around his neck. But when Drippy punches Spike, he goes back into a veranda and the napkin, plate, knife and fork have all disappeared, and when Spike crashes back into the door, the napkin, knife and fork have re-appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Theeves is speaking to Droopy while he is packing, there are three suitcases on the floor. In the next shot, the cases have disappeared.

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