The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
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Mick: But, Mama... I wanna make something of myself, Mama. I got this feelin' inside me like I was destined for something.
Mrs. Kelly: We all have that feelin' when we are young. It will pass.
Mr. Kelly: Margaret, don't.
Mick: Well, I know it won't be easy, but without a high school diploma, what chance have I got?
Mrs. Kelly: The same chance I had. You'll meet some fella and get married. If you're lucky, you'll love him. You'll have kids. That's what life is, Mick. That's all it is.

Mick: Nice, idn't it? All the other girls are wearing ten-cent store perfume. I think it smells cheap. Besides it costs too much. So I just swiped some vanilla extract from the kitchen! I figure if I don't smell sexy at least I'll be appetizing.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, Alan Arkin is carrying in his breast pocket a Cross Chrome pen to write messages with on his pad. (He is a deaf mute.) But in the scene where he is on the porch with Sondra Locke and he is drawing a picture for her, he pulls that pen out of his pocket, yet when the scene cuts to a different angle showing him actually drawing on his pad, it is a thick, black felt tip pen. (01:25:00)

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Trivia: Percy Rodrigues plays Dr Copeland, the father of Portia (Cicely Tyson). In real life, Rodrigues was only six years older than Tyson.

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