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I borrowed this movie from a friend who rented it from the Library.

I really didn't find much enjoyment about this movie at all. And it was marketed based on pretty much a lie. Trailers and ads billed this as being a female straying John Wick style story, when in reality there's not much of that kind of stuff in the movie at all. There's only one memorable scene where she even uses combat very well.

The premise of the film is also a bit stupid. They kidnap this ordinary girl and try to use her as a drug mule by surgically implanting a bag of this CPH4 drug into her. When she's kicked, it causes the bag to break open and start leaking... which then somehow unlocks her brain to where she can start using more of it. Going along the, long ago proven false, myth that humans only use 10% of their brains, and that using more of it unlocks crazy powers.

so because she's kicked and the bag breaks, she goes from ordinary girl, to a beat ass killing machine in moments and starts learning all the secrets of the universe. And even makes a bio computer at the end using herself.

It's about as dumb as it sounds. It's not over all an extremely terrible movie, but it's still a bad movie. And it's not even that interesting, exciting or fun to watch. Which is the worst thing for an action sci-fi movie to be.

Mistake Status: I didn't bother really looking for any or cared to. I have no plans to come back to this film.

Quantom X Premium member

Continuity mistake: By the end of the movie, when Lucy is sitting in the chair and her skin turns black, we can see her arms slowly turning black as well. When camera cuts away and shows Lucy from behind, her arms are naturally white again.


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Trivia: Near the end, as Lucy starts travelling backwards in time, she pauses in various periods of Earth's natural history. However, after she travels all the way back to the age of the Dinosaurs (at least 65 million years ago), she inexplicably travels forward in time by about 60 million years and meets an Australopithecine, one of humankind's earliest ancestors (that lived around 4 million years ago). She then resumes traveling backward in time to the beginning of the universe.

Charles Austin Miller

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