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Corrected entry: When Carrie Anne Moss is talking to the Earth Base Station, she says there was a proton burst from a flare, however, she also said that it was a gamma burst. Gamma Radiation is uncharged, unlike proton radiation, alpha radiation, which is positively charged.

Correction: Carrie Anne Moss actually says that they "experienced a massive proton field upset sequel to a solar flare." While electromagnetic radiation does not in itself have the property of NET electric charge, that does not mean it cannot interact with charged particles. The 'electro' component of this radiation does have an alternating electric charge that is perfectly capable of moving charged particles around. Take microwave ovens for instance: if microwave radiation did not interact with the dipole in water molecules, it would be incapable of generating heat, i.e. it would not function.

Corrected entry: When the dying man kills himself by dropping the blow torch on the bugs, it causes a large explosion on the planet's surface which can be seen from space. The surviving man is shown afterwards with a burnt face and is acting a little wounded, but a fire that huge would burn him and his suit up like tissue paper, and if that didn't kill him, the blast would.

Correction: The space suits are presumed to have some sort of futuristic fire-protection system. Also note that the flame isn't an explosion but a rapidly-spreading quick-burn, like if you dropped a match in the middle of a puddle of gasoline. The burnt face is actually from the ice storm; you see all three survivors with windburned faces as they take shelter in the cave.

Corrected entry: After Carrie-Ann Moss extinguished the fire on the ship by depressurizing the whole ship everything that isn't attached to the ship had to be sucked into outer space with the atmosphere. But actually no solid parts are seen to be sucked out and when Moss has restored the artificial gravity lots of stuff is shown dropping. But why is this all still within the ship?

Correction: Objects are not "sucked" off the ship they are blown. If those objects are not carried along with the moving gases as they exit the ship there is nothing left to push the objects into space and their momentum should continue to carry them towards the open port, not every unsecured object would have been pushed out of the ship, but they should have continued to move in that direction.

Corrected entry: When the crew arrives on Mars and run out of air-reserves, they are surprised to find out that Mars has a breathable atmosphere. Analysing the atmosphere of Mars is pretty easy to do, even with present technology, so it's inconceivable that a future space agency would send people down there without knowing that the atmosphere had changed (observing that conditions stayed the same on Mars was the very reason the mission went underway).

Correction: I'm not quite sure where, but I remember late in the movie one of the characters mentions something about the last readings they had before the equipment died. In other words, it was explained that the atmosphere monitoring equipment died but lasted long enough to tell them the oxygen was being depleted. If you mean why didn't they check the atmospheric composition upon landing, they could either have been planning to do it at HAB-1, or the equipment could have been jettisoned before landing (along with AMEE).

Corrected entry: Bowman resuscitates Gallagher after retrieving him from the lander in which he's escaped from Mars. She cuts through his suit and does several CPR pumps on his chest, and when he begins to respond, the ship's computer tells her "Stand him up, Commander." But during this scene they are in the ship's loading dock, floating in a zero-gravity condition. Without gravity, there is no up.

Correction: When Bowman is performing CPR Gallagher is resting on something (lying down), otherwise there would be nothing to stop him from moving when being "pumped" and the CPR would have no effect. The computer comment can be interpreted as a generic - as in he should not be laying down anymore with someone pounding on his chest, let him "up" to breathe and recover.

Corrected entry: When the 3 of them are caught in the middle of an ice storm while searching for the Russian ship, they wind up laying low for a while in the cold until the storm passes. Now if it's going to take 6 hours for the storm to pass and an ice storm that takes place at well below 0 degrees, how could they escape the storm with just frost on their hair and face? Even if it was above 0 degrees, the high winds would have given them full body frost bite or hypothermia.

Correction: Given the surface temperature on mars, their space suits are most likely electrically heated

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The crew makes a big deal about how all six of them are supposed to go down to the planet together. However, when the astronauts are being sent from the main ship down to Mars in their landing pod, there are only 5 seats in the pod.

Correction: There actually is a 6th seat, but is obscured by a secondary set of flight controls.

Corrected entry: When the girl who is on Mars 1 gets rid of the fire in the ship by opening the hatch, it shows her being pulled out of the ship, as she would. Then, when the fire is all gone, it shows her being lowered to the floor, but behind her, the hatch is still open - she should still be getting sucked out into space.

Correction: Once the ship is a vacuum - which is what puts out the fire - she can go back in as there is now just as much pressure inside as outside the ship.

Continuity mistake: In every view of the front of Mars 1, you can clearly see the landing pod still attached, even when it's on Mars' surface.

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Question: In the movie, AMEE is shown to have various settings, such as 'Navigaton' and 'Military'. It is also stated that AMEE is on loan from the marines. My question is, before giving her to the crew of Mars-1, why didn't the marines remove the the military part of her programming? What possible use could it have been to the crew?


Chosen answer: It was disabled. The part of her program that was in effect was merely the survival instinct, given to it so it could protect itself.


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