A Touch of Class

A Touch of Class (1973)

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With the backdrop of a cheery, bright score and witty dialogue, "A Touch of Class" revolves around two very classy people: Vicky, a divorced British woman with two young children, and Steve, a happily married American man who also has two young children. Set in London, in the seventies, they first meet when Steve, playing softball in the park, knocks down one of Vicky's children as he tries to catch a fly ball. After that, they nod at each other as Vicky, on a bus, passes Steve in the street. Then they try to catch the same taxi in the rain and decide to share it. Steve asks Vicky to lunch, and then to a week in Malaga, Spain. After thinking about it for a bit, Vicky agrees, saying, "I'm a divorced woman, I'm under a lot of strain and tension, and I could do with some good, healthy, uninvolved sex with someone who loves his wife and isn't going to be a pain in the arse when it's all over." In Malaga, at first, they hate each other, and have a magnificent clothes fight, with the hotel night manager in the middle, copping the worst of it, even a lamp that splutters and dies on impact. Then they fall madly in love, spending every waking moment with each other, until their week of happiness ends too soon. With a friend of Steve's words ringing in his ear, telling him it can't possibly work, he surges ahead and tells Vicky he can't possibly give her up and why don't they rent a small flat in Soho and see each other as much as they can. This they do, with girls with the last name of French below them and above them. The flat, once a huge eyesore, materials into Nirvana, and so begins laughter and tears, watching an old weepy movie on TV, while he's supposed to be playing golf, and, of course, lots of sex.


Continuity mistake: After Steve rushes through his softball match, so he can rush to the flat to have a quickie with Vicky, he is rushing to put his clothes on. He is wearing a long-sleeved red top, with a short-sleeved grey top over the red top. He pulls the long red sleeves down twice for both sleeves.


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Vickie Allessio: My one chance to get raped, and you can't get your bloody trousers off.

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