Company of Heroes

Factual error: Company of Heroes is in the timeline of 1944-45. Soldiers are wearing the flag patch on their uniforms which have 50 stars on them, not 48. There were only 48 states in the U.S. back then.

Continuity mistake: The company is stationed in the Ardennes forest, west of Bastogne, yet they suddenly show up in Germany, some 20 miles to the East.


Factual error: The American troops are using British .303 Lee-Enfield rifles: the U.S. Army's standard weapon was the M1 Garand rifle.

Character mistake: There's a corporal sitting against a rock wall smoking a cigarette. Two privates both call him sir. Enlisted soldiers are not called sir.

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Continuity mistake: At the start the soldier who asks Nate if he was scared is smoking a cigarette. The length of this cigarette changes drastically in the few shots it is seen. (00:05:30)

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Continuity mistake: When we first see Conti, there is a shot of a man shaving and the blade is up past his ear. As the shot changes, the blade is now under his ear. (00:06:00)

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Factual error: During the shooting inside the freight yard, the soldiers ducks behind a pile of concrete sleepers, too modern for the era.

Factual error: There's a scene where a medic is giving CPR. CPR wasn't adopted by the US military until 1957.

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