Blended (2014)

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Other mistake: Since the vacation was supposed to be for Dick, Jen and Dick's five kids, the hotel suite kids' room should have had five beds, not four.

Robert Sullinger

Continuity mistake: Jen and Lauren are organizing a customer's clothes closet. Jen throws a pair of shoes onto a shelf and the shoes land askew. When Jen's cell phone rings and she answers the call, the shoes are neatly side by side. When she finishes the call and kneels down, the shoes are once again askew. When she stands up, the shoes are again side by side.

Deliberate mistake: When Jim and Lauren are having their stargazing experience, it's clear that the pints of beer the monkey brings them are fake so that they don't get spilled.


Other mistake: When Jim freaks out about the crocodiles, the dark haired woman who says "what happens in Africa stays in Africa" has a rough New York accent. Later during the children's arts and crafts class she has a much softer English accent.

Robert Sullinger

Continuity mistake: When Jim sees Lauren buying adult magazines at the drugstore and goes over to speak to her, the magazine on the top row beside Lauren's head is a copy of SEC, with a football player on it, then it changes to ELLE magazine, with Shakira on the cover, then back to SEC, then at the very end of the scene as Lauren puts the unwanted magazines back on the shelf it goes back to being a copy of ELLE.

Other mistake: When they are riding ostriches, if you look on the ground there are just human footprints. There are no ostrich footprints visible. (00:53:40)

Lauren: Did you just use use the L word with Dick?
Jen: We said it last night.
Lauren: Jen! That's great Why didn't you tell me?
Jen: Well, you finally had a date and it was so awful. I didn't want to make you feel lonelier than you probably already feel.
Lauren: I'm fine actually and I'm not lonely. I have two wonderful men in my life: Brendan and Tyler.
Jen: Brendan needs a girlfriend and Tyler needs Ritalin.

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Trivia: When Jim and Lauren are at the store buying tampons and an adult magazine there is a cameo by 10 Second Tom - a character from 50 First Dates (another movie Sandler and Barrymore made together).


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