After the band arrive in Mexico for their first big gig, Jon's hunger for fame and success breaks the band apart, leaving him and a confused Frank to perform together. Jon, relishing in the band's YouTube and social media success starts with one of his own songs, which is terrible. Franks breaks down due to his "shit music."

In a hotel, Jon tries to remove Franks "head." Frank runs away and is knocked down by a car. Jon runs after him, finds his shattered "head" on the ground and is also run down by a car. When Jon awakens in hospital, he starts to try and find Frank.

Eventually he is lead to an address in Kansas, and after mistaking the tree surgeon for Frank, Jon is approached by Frank's mother. Frank is stood on the lawn, vacant, finally without his "head." We find out from his parents that Frank has suffered a mental illness all his life.

As Frank's old band play in a run down bar with no spectators, Frank (having been brought there by Jon, sat back at the bar) approaches them cautiously while they play a sombre "Lighthouse Keeper." He tells them, shyly and unable to make eye contact, how nice it is to see them. Clara realises who it is (having never seen Frank without his "head"). Guitar player Baraque hands him a microphone as he tells them how much he "loves your wall" (looking at the wall by him). As Frank starts talking and making his obscure observations, the band starts playing. Michael changes his chorus to "I love you all." The misfits are united again, if only briefly.

Jon, realising that he is a complete moron, realises how special this group of people are and leaves the bar on his own, knowing what a complete asshole he is/was.

Frank: We'll have many productive seasons here.

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