Ransom (1996)

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Tom Mullen is a successful airline owner with a beautiful wife and a son. One afternoon when Mullen and his wife are attending an science fair, his son is kidnapped. In their frantic search they return home to get a phone call to tell them that their son has been kidnapped and the kidnappers want 2 million dollars. Tom tries to pay the money in a botched payoff attempt but starts to realise he probably wont get his son back if he merely pays the money and decides to offer the money as an reward to whomever helps him return his son. The film continues as a cat and mouse game between Tom and the kidnapper.

Factual error: When Mel Gibson is leaving NYC by car they come out of the Lincoln Tunnel onto route 4, that is impossible. The only way out of the Lincoln Tunnel is onto route 3. Then when they are driving through New Jersey on route 4, Mel Gibson says "There is the exit for 208." While you can get to 208 from route 4, they were driving on route 4 east, heading back towards NYC, not route 4 west which is the way onto route 208 they showed in the movie.

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Tom Mullen: So how do I get my son back?
Detective Jimmy Shaker: Are you going to pay me?
Tom Mullen: Of course I am.
Detective Jimmy Shaker: Then it shouldn't be a problem.

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Trivia: During filming, Mel Gibson had to have his appendix removed - that's one reason why he looks so pained throughout the movie.

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