A Million Ways to Die in the West

Factual error: The movie is set in 1882, however there is a scene where he meets Doc Brown with his DeLorean. Back to the Future Part III took place in 1885.

Continuity mistake: When Clinch and his gang start to chase Albert, from his house, many of the sheep start running and moving out of the way, even kicking up dust. When the camera angle changes, none of the sheep are moving and there's no kicked up dust.


Deliberate mistake: While done for comedic effect, the ram's penis as we see it is not what a real one looks like, most noticeably is the missing urethral process.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Stark is talking with Charlie, when the camera is facing Stark, the buildings' shadows go from the viewer's right to left. After he falls down from being shot at, the shadows are now going in the opposite direction (the camera angle changes to face Charlie, but the shadows still go right to left).


Continuity mistake: As Albert and Anna walk off at the end of the final gun fight, watch their arms. From the front they're only holding hands. They call the dog to them, and instantly the shot from behind shows them with their arms thoroughly wrapped around each other.

Andrew Upton

Factual error: When Albert escapes Clinch's gang on the train, a marking on the boxcar indicates that its roof was replaced on 10-24. 1824 was long before this type of rail car was built, and 1924 would be 42 years after the movie is set.


Anna: You're a good sheep farmer!
Albert: Oh my god, please! I suck at sheep. Louise was right, I can't keep track of them. There was a sheep in the whorehouse the last week.
Anna: Really?
Albert: Yeah. Wandered in there, and then when I went to pick it up, somehow it had made 20 dollars.

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Trivia: The man Clinch shoots at the bar when he first gets to town is Ryan Reynolds, who is uncredited. Reynolds has also appeared in Seth McFarlane's "Ted" (for which he was also uncredited) and "Family Guy."

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