The Thief Who Came to Dinner

Question: When Webster whistles David, he puts his fingers about a centimetre away from his lips, like people do when they whistle but they put their fingers in their mouths, so this does not make sense, why bother putting your fingers near your mouth at all?


Plot hole: Webster meets Laura at a party and she takes him to her house - it's not really her house - and says he has to break in to show off his talents, but when Webster does break in, he walks into a pitch-black house and he walks straight to the light switch and turns on the lights, so Laura can come in to a lighted house. Problem is: Webster has never been to this house before, it's pitch-black inside (it's so dark we can't see Webster at all), and the light switch is not where most switches are - on the wall next to the door - it's on a pillar, which is really far away from the front door; there's no way he'd be able to go straight to it.


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