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Continuity mistake: During the battle with Green Goblin, when Gwen Stacy is falling through the clock tower, there are dozens of gears and other pieces of various sizes falling with her. However, when she lands, only a few small gears and pieces land alongside her - all the other debris that were falling have seemingly vanished. (02:01:20)

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Suggested correction: That part of the scene is SO dark that it's really hard to tell; they do show some gears and pieces land after she does and there are some gears and pieces next to her when he walks to her. I wouldn't say there's none, but I'd say it does seem a disproportionately low amount considering how many giant gears were falling.

Sammo Premium member

Given that even you admit in your correction that the number of gears seems disproportionately low (which it is - we only see a few small pieces landing when there were dozens and dozens of pieces in different sizes falling), I think amending the wording through a word-change is a better option than trying to correct the mistake itself. Because there is still a mistake here. Going to go ahead and do that after I post this response. (Might take a few days to change, though).


I absolutely agree and I'll delete the comment (s) when the mistake is reworded, since as we say, it is a valid mistake.

Sammo Premium member

I submitted a word change yesterday, but given that it's not a mistake I submitted, it might take a few days to apply. :).


Stupidity: Harry Osborn quite literally inherited the company his father founded. Presumably he owns or controls a majority of the stocks, because he was appointed CEO by his father and nobody questioned him. However, one of his employees can just instantaneously fire him from his position. We don't know the precise rules and internal regulations of Oscorp, but it's safe to say that this is not how company hierarchy works, especially considered that no charges are pressed on Harry and everyone would be out of a job (including Menken) if the circumstances were public - like having created a monster and waterboarding a guy in their basement.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: Traditionally, CEO's can be fired if the company board votes them out of their position. (Something similar actually happens to Norman in the 2002 film.) While Menken doesn't specifically say this is what happened, he did frame Harry for covering up Dillon's "death," so we can safely assume that there was some sort-of emergency vote to remove Harry in the meantime as part of his power-play. (It'd honestly just be a waste of screen-time to show it.) Additionally, given the allegations against Harry (covering up a death), who would believe him if he came forward, anyways? Also, Electro is being waterboarded in a different location (Ravencroft Institute), not the Oscorp basement.


The thing is, the Raimi movie set the situation up properly. Norman was dealing with the board members in the meeting with the military already, and the business situation was addressed in a short scene that made clear a power play for profit. He was the boss, but not a monarch, and they don't "fire" him showing up with the guards anyway. The 'board' scene in TAS2? Harry treats everyone like lackeys and mentions that everyone will 'work' for Felicia; he bosses everyone around appearing to have inherited the position. It is mentioned that to depose the already ill and scandal-ridden Normal from his post would have needed legal action. Extra emphasis is given by Menken about any scandal going to hurt the company. Even if he had in mind to use Harry as scapegoat from the getgo, as I said, it would hurt the company terribly (going by the logic of the movie first and foremost), and he pulled off an amazing powerplay using incriminating evidence against Harry recorded an hour earlier and that he couldn't realistically share without destoying the company. It was damaged so heavily by an employee going rogue, what about the new CEO going nuts to the point of being kicked out, whatever the reason was? Lastly yes, Ravencroft appears to be part of Oscorp, so I simplified there. Of course yes, the throwaway "you're fired' line saves time, but the situation struck me as contradictory.

Sammo Premium member

I can definitely understand where you're coming from, so I'll just say I think this is probably an agree to disagree situation. I feel like it's easy enough to explain away any contradictions or holes with some conjecture (I think like it ultimately comes down to the movie just not wanting to bog itself down explaining every detail), but the way the movie presents it is indeed a little over-simplified and janky. So I totally understand your take.


Continuity mistake: Harry and Electro are in the office and confront the new CEO. Electro shocks him, and he falls to the floor. The first shot of him is clearly not the same actor, because the man on the floor has a full head of hair. The second shot it's the original CEO, who is mostly bald. (01:40:55)


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Suggested correction: No mistake: Electro knocks out 2 guys: one with hair, and a bald man.

Sacha Premium member

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Suggested correction: Actually they do burn, since they emit smoke very noticeably. They don't show marks, true. One could argue that Electro does pretty weird things with his clothes in general in this movie, since he has underpants resistant to anything and his clothes of choice stay with him even when he switches from pure energy to solid form, but make of that argument what you will.

Sammo Premium member

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Peter Parker: You want me to come down there so you can kill me?
Aleksei Sytsevich: Yeah!
Peter Parker: OK, I'll be right there.

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Trivia: In the Secret Projects division at Oscorp we see two other projects besides the Rhino and Goblin suits, a backpack with wings and another with tentacles. The wings belong to the Vulture and the tentacles to Doctor Octopus.


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Answer: Peter could have webbed him up and called the police anonymously.


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