The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Other mistake: The main events of the film presumably take place in May, since we see Peter and Gwen graduate in the beginning. After Gwen's death, Peter is shown mourning through autumn and winter-like weather. However, near the end of the film, a news reporter says it's been only five months since Spider-Man disappeared. This would put the last fight with Rhino in October, and mean it snowed in the middle of summer.

Other mistake: After Electro disappears in the asylum then comes back, the underwear and the electrodes should be gone by then. (01:38:00)


Other mistake: When Peter jaywalks to meet Gwen just after Max is reborn as Electro, a car hits him, breaking its side mirror against his amazing body. Peter does not even flinch for the hit and the mirror shatters sending sparks all over the place. As sturdy as Spider-man is, he's not made of actual solid steel. (00:45:45)

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Other mistake: Spider-Man learns about the plutonium heist because he overhears it from a helicopter as he jumps by it. Admitting that Spider-Man has enhanced hearing that he doesn't show to that extent in the rest of the movie, he also manages to completely block out the noise to pick up the person speaking inside it, and is unaffected by the changing distance (they both are in motion in different patterns).

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Other mistake: When the little boy confronts Rhino, before Spidey arrives there's an aerial shot of a police car. There's not a single piece of glass inside despite the massive shooting and the shattering of all of its windows. (02:10:15)

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Other mistake: Peter grabs with his web at super-high speed a mug full of scorching hot liquid that he uses to slapstick his way out of the Oscorp security stooges; somehow the cup clashed against his hand staying perfectly filled and unperturbed, but in the next shot the slightest bump spills coffee everywhere. (01:11:20)

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Other mistake: When Peter looks up "Roosevelt hotel", the map result shows "Map data ©2013 Google." The movie was shot in 2013 but takes place in 2014. (01:01:30)

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Other mistake: Richard Parker is running away from Oscorp after triggering an alarm at either 6:30 or 9 PM - the movie is contradictory on which one. He goes home to quickly pack and get his son, and then goes to his brother's place to dump him there. The next scene shows him and his wife discussing the situation, including where to spend the night; they are mid-flight to Wisconsin and it's daylight.

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Other mistake: We see Peter freshly printing an old news story from CNN; the timestamp on the visible corner says the sheet was printed at 9:18 AM. The scene takes place in the evening. (01:01:45)

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Other mistake: Car alarms are annoying; Electro sets off every car alarm in the street, once he silences a single one draining power off the batter, every other alarm stops too - despite the lights still flashing. Incidentally, in the rest of the movie Electro shows his power on a much larger scale but never sets off any car alarm or makes headlights blink. (00:48:35)

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Other mistake: When Max picks up the blueprints scattered in the street, behind him lingers the view of a building with the banner for the 2013 NFL Draft, including fully visible the date "April 25-27." Since it happens on graduation day for Peter, it'd have to be an ad a month or two old...and a year old, because it's established that the movie takes place in 2014. (00:09:25)

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Other mistake: We see a good view of Spiderman's suit during his acrobatics in the air at the beginning of the movie; it's skin-tight and has no compartment or belt. However, when Gwen calls, Spidey reaches behind his back and pulls his phone out. (00:11:30)

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Other mistake: This movie is set in 2014 (obituary of Norman Osborn) and Peter's parents disappeared in 2002 (articles printed by Peter, FBI files), but in the first movie the young version of the protagonist was credited as " Peter Parker (age 4). " Peter Parker is not supposed to be a 16 years old boy in this movie which opens with his graduation.

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Other mistake: The first shot of the movie is an ominous zoom-out from Richard Parker's watch, a top quality Swiss watch...although, it shows that it's 5:42, and the timestamp in the security cameras is 21:05. (00:00:55 - 00:01:25)

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Suggested correction: Actually they do burn, since they emit smoke very noticeably. They don't show marks, true. One could argue that Electro does pretty weird things with his clothes in general in this movie, since he has underpants resistant to anything and his clothes of choice stay with him even when he switches from pure energy to solid form, but make of that argument what you will.

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Factual error: Towards the end of the film, Spiderman takes his web and uses it to connect to the different power conduits that Electro blew open, ties them together, and power the city back up. Electricity uses several different wires, and crossing them would cause things to blow up or short out. What should have happened when Gwen threw the switch was another power failure, instead of the city's power being restored.

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Peter Parker: You want me to come down there so you can kill me?
Aleksei Sytsevich: Yeah!
Peter Parker: OK, I'll be right there.

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Trivia: In the Secret Projects division at Oscorp we see two other projects besides the Rhino and Goblin suits, a backpack with wings and another with tentacles. The wings belong to the Vulture and the tentacles to Doctor Octopus.


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Answer: Peter could have webbed him up and called the police anonymously.


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