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Corrected entry: At Gwen's interview in the British embassy the colour of her skirt changes from black to red.

Correction: If you look closely at the scene in the street before the interview you can see that her skirt is dark red - it looks black due to the lighting outside.

Corrected entry: When Peter reviews Gwen's speech on his computer, she is filmed in a tight head /shoulders shot and at eye level. However, there is no camera at that angle (right in front of her) as she delivers the speech.

New Hex

Correction: It's called "zoom". The parents and family are seated in stadium-style elevated seating above and behind the graduates. Every single parent there had this exact same footage, with that exact same framing.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The rhino suit shown at Oscorp is completely different in size and shape to the one shown at the end.

Correction: The suit inside Oscorp wasn't finished as it's missing the bottom half.

Corrected entry: The laptop Richard Parker is using looks too modern for a 20 year old video. Models like that were only released pretty recently. We could've assumed that Oscorp is a brilliant industry and they invented such laptops, but it says "Sony Vaio" on it.

Correction: If the first film took place around the year of its release (2012), based on Peter's age when he is left by his parents (he appears to be at least 4 or 5 years old, if not slightly older), it would mean the scenes with his parents took place in the very late 90's/early 2000's. Not quite "20 years ago." And the computers/laptops his father used all appear to resemble late 90's/early 2000's computers. (Obviously the more expensive ones, but they appear to be more-or-less correct to the timeframe.) Sony Vaio was also around at that time.

Correction: As the previous correction said, I concur that the timeframe appears to be correct; the newspaper and internet stories Peter looks up set the events regarding Peter's parents and their disappearance in 2002, the FBI file is dated 2/22/2002. I can't identify precisely the model of Vaio used, it does have the aesthetics of their 700 series (the PCG-745 is nearly identical, for instance) and they were available before the turn of the century.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: Richard Parker tries to connect the Ethernet cable to his laptop at the beginning of the movie to upload a file. There was no in-plane internet 15-20 years ago.


Correction: Richard Parker worked for Oscorp, so, we can assume that they had all kinds of advanced technology 15 years ago.

It wasn't an Oscorp plane and there's no reason to assume that the movie universe has better technology than 'our' world for the general public. The laptop was a Vaio, even. It should be noted that it was a private jet and the year is 2002.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: When we see the entrance to Oscorp there's two flags being flown outside, the Stars and Stripes on the left and another flag displaying a crest on the right. The motto on the crest is Excelsior, the catchphrase of Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.


Correction: The crest is the Seal of New York, which has the motto "Excelsior". It is not a reference to Stan Lee, the flag is flying because Oscorp is in New York City.

I didn't say it was a reference to Stan Lee, just that Stan Lee used it as his catchphrase.


Continuity mistake: During the battle with Green Goblin, when Gwen Stacy is falling through the clock tower, there are dozens of gears and other pieces of various sizes falling with her. However, when she lands, only a few small gears and pieces land alongside her - all the other debris that were falling have seemingly vanished. (02:01:20)

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Suggested correction: That part of the scene is SO dark that it's really hard to tell; they do show some gears and pieces land after she does and there are some gears and pieces next to her when he walks to her. I wouldn't say there's none, but I'd say it does seem a disproportionately low amount considering how many giant gears were falling.

Sammo Premium member

Given that even you admit in your correction that the number of gears seems disproportionately low (which it is - we only see a few small pieces landing when there were dozens and dozens of pieces in different sizes falling), I think amending the wording through a word-change is a better option than trying to correct the mistake itself. Because there is still a mistake here. Going to go ahead and do that after I post this response. (Might take a few days to change, though).


I absolutely agree and I'll delete the comment (s) when the mistake is reworded, since as we say, it is a valid mistake.

Sammo Premium member

I submitted a word change yesterday, but given that it's not a mistake I submitted, it might take a few days to apply. :).


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Peter Parker: You want me to come down there so you can kill me?
Aleksei Sytsevich: Yeah!
Peter Parker: OK, I'll be right there.

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Trivia: Spoiler alert! The way Gwen Stacy dies in the movie is almost exactly the way she does in the comics. The differences are that in the movie, she falls through a clock tower instead of off a bridge, and she hits her head on the ground as it snaps back, instead of just her head snapping back in mid air. She's even wearing the same outfit as she does in the comics.


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Answer: Donald Menken, the Vice President of Oscorp, framed Harry for covering up Max Dillon's accident and has him removed so he could take over the company. By the end of the movie, Oscorp would now be under his control.

Casual Person

But he was killed in a deleted scene.

Deleted scenes don't make for canon content - it has to involve a degree of guesswork. Some deleted scenes happen, we just didn't see them in the movie, others are movie ideas that were cut out precisely because they don't fit the movie as released, so didn't happen. No way to know which is which, and this is just a thought exercise anyway.

Jon Sandys Premium member

So this is possible that, at the end of this movie, Menken is still alive, right?

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