A Long Way Down
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Martin: Has anyone ever told you you're a bit of an idiot?
Chris: I'm a politician, that's all they ever tell me.

JJ: You see... Jess needs to feel important... Maureen, she needs to feel... loved. And you, you just need to grow a brain. See... you can solve your problems. But me... I can't.

Jess: You're getting a thrill out of this, aren't you, you pervert! Oh my God, you're Martin Sharp! You are a pervert.

Martin: I underestimated how much they hate me.

Jess: JJ, I'm a professional liar, you're not even a competent one.

Martin: You know how I feel when I wake up in the morning? Humiliated. How do I feel at lunch time? Humiliated. My life flows in a steady stream of humiliation. I'm not sad, not angry, just humiliated.

Jess: Are we in a gang?
Martin: This is not a gang.

Martin: We belong together, we're a team I mean we're the worst team the world has ever know and if I were picking none of you would have made it to the subs bench but still.

Martin: I wasn't aware this was a competition.

Factual error: When Jess meets her father and Martin on the embankment it is twenty to five in the afternoon, however this is between New Years Day and Valentines Day - it would be dark at this time of day in these months.

Liam D

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