Sabotage (2014)


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Caroline: Just because you're not in jail, doesn't mean you didn't do it.
Breacher: You're awesome on a road trip, you know that?
Caroline: Yeah, I've heard that before.

Monster: We're not a team anymore. Just a gang.

Sugar: Some of us are getting paid, the rest of us are just getting dead.

Breacher: Concentrate, it's pay day.

Floyd Morgan: I gotta ask you a few questions. Ten million dollars is missing from your cartel bust. Did you steal it?
Breacher: No. And fuck you for asking.

Stripclub Waitress: Why they call you Pyro, honey?
Tom 'Pyro' Roberts: 'Cause I hooked a flashbang in a meth lab, burned down the whole fucking apartment building.

Lizzy: Sweetheart, you're so in over your fucking head.

Jackson: Mm mm mm, what ever happened to "never date a cop?"
Caroline: Who said anything about a date.

Breacher: Don't fucking scream at me! Look at you! With your fucking 48% body fat! And you, you scrawny little bastard! Fuck you guys.

Grinder: Ammo's cheap, my life ain't. It's over.

Breacher: Don't blow your balls off.
Monster: Don't worry, they're made of brass.
Breacher: Are they as big as your wife's?

Breacher: Look at you, with your 48 percent body fat.

Lizzy: Sweetheart, you're so in over your fucking head. You need more than a Glock and sensible shoes.

Breacher: Wake up, you drunk fuck.

Revealing mistake: Late on in the film; Arnie and the female officer kick in the door to one of his teams house. Unfortunately Arnie is in his 70s now and not as agile as he used to be, the door was open and simply pushed hard. Look at the door, it has no damage and neither does the frame. Also, the door barely opens past a hard push. As tactically trained operatives they would not have pushed the door if it was ajar either, they would have opened it slowly to avoid startling anyone inside and warning them.

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Trivia: When Wharton is talking to Det. Brentwood, alone in the room, the pictures on the wall are of him with various presidents. These are all real pictures of Schwarzenegger with those presidents.


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