Barbie of Swan Lake
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Erasmus: You realise true love is very rare.
Lila: Are we talking "meet the parents" rare? Everyone gets along, rare?
Erasmus: Now that's a start. But true love, well, it's when two people love each other more than they love themselves.

Fairy Queen: Alone they are two, but together they are one. That kind of selfless love has awesome power.
Lila: Ah! Two for one.

Continuity mistake: Before beginning her ballet lesson, the Queen uses magic to transform both Odette's and her dress into tutu-style dresses. After Rothbart kidnaps Erasmus, the queen loses her powers before she could save him. Later on as they approach Rothbart's castle, the Queen's dress is full length again despite being unable to use magic to change it back to normal.

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