Need for Speed

Trivia: When Monarch is talking about this being his best De Leon, he compares it to great works of art. "David" and "Pietà" are both works by Michelangelo. "Soup Can" is in reference to Andy Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans" painting.


Trivia: In the beginning, the movie playing at the drive-in is Steve McQueen's "Bullitt", considered by many to have the best car chase scenes as well as some of the coolest cars.


Revealing mistake: When the final race is under way, the silver Saleen S7 hits a Police SUV and makes it flip, you can see the smoke coming out of the bottom of the SUV where the cannon has fired to flip the SUV.


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Question: Just after Maverick gets put in jail he makes one of the officers hold up a tablet for them, showing the lawbreaking race. This doesn't seem likely at all to me: 1, wouldn't this encourage more lawbreaking? 2, surely an officer has better things to do than stand there holding a tablet. 3, I call this an objectification of the officer (reduced to a stand). 4, inmates making their officers doing what they want can't end up good. I'm not wrong here, or what?

Answer: In this instance he was a civilian in military prison. Notice he wore civilian clothes while his cellmate still had on garb. The rules process is different for civilians held in military prison so it is quite reasonable that would happen.

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