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Corrected entry: Liam Neeson repeatedly asks the pilot to descend in order to minimize the impact of the bomb on board. The pilot is very reluctant about it, as he is requested to maintain his altitude. Eventually, the pilot says "F*** it" and goes into a radical nose-dive. The bomb explodes and the plane must do an emergency landing on the landing strip. However, the plane was supposed to land anyway there, so why was the pilot forbidden to descend? A normal landing, as opposed to the nose-dive, would require a lower altitude twenty minutes earlier anyway.

Correction: The Typhoons were escorting the plane to London Heathrow; Iceland however was en route and needed for the emergency landing.

Corrected entry: A few problems at once: when the skinny guy with the glasses, who turns out to be the architect of this whole scheme, is being detained and pushed around by Liam Neeson on the plane, he manages to slip the mobile phone to the accountant and inject him with a lethal poison. All of which goes unnoticed by anybody. Later on, when Liam Neeson reviews the video clips a passenger made with his own mobile phone, the whole act is not really visible either, but it still convinces Liam Neeson that he is the villain. And the villain, without even really knowing what Liam Neeson is exactly seeing on the recorded clips, conveniently assumes that his cover has been blown now and decides to openly reveal himself as the antagonist.

Correction: Marks reviews the video and while it doesn't show much to show the guy with the glasses is the bad guy, it does show him, almost purposely bumping into the man in the seat. This takes places moments before that man is found with the phone, and subsequently the dart. While watching the video, Marks easily puts 2 and 2 together. The main bad guy notices Mark's reaction so he knows he sees something. Henceforth his reaction.


Corrected entry: The authorities find out that the bank account where the ransom is to be wired belongs to Liam Neeson. So they immediately inform the pilot that their sky marshal is a potential terrorist and the pilot then notifies Liam Neeson about the results of their investigations. Authorities do not reveal what they have found out. Instead, they try to use their findings to their advantage and do not keep suspects updated.

Correction: Actually in this scene the authorities didn't inform the suspect, they only informed the pilot because it's his aircraft that's in danger, and they have a duty to keep him updated on possible threats to the plane. They never intended to let Liam Neeson know he was being investigated. The only reason the pilot told him was because the pilot and Liam Neeson had known each other for a long time and were good friends, so even though the pilot was breaking protocol he thought it was worth the risk to keep his friend updated with what's happening.

Corrected entry: The bomb was described as having a pressure trigger, so they couldn't drop it out of the window. Later on, a gunshot pierces a window, and all the windows blow out. Either the bomb should've gone off, or they could've dumped it.

Nat Karmios

Correction: The person closest to the bomb expected to die, and they were fighting with guns and hand-to-hand, so getting to the bomb, unpacking it from all the luggage, and finding a place to throw it out of the plane was not a reasonable option.

But because of the broken windows pressure in the cabin changed, they were above 20000 feet. So the bomb should have exploded as it was pressure-sensitive. But it didn't. Not to mention that the passengers should have died at that point because of immediate pressure change.

Factual error: Although the exterior and interior of the aircraft in the movie are reasonably accurate, the cockpit does not resemble any real life aircraft, let alone a 767. In actuality, the cockpit looks hilariously unrealistic for numerous reasons. It appears to be a bunch of random panels and pieces of other aircraft and their own designs all stuck together to form something that looks outrageously stupid. They even have a 4-engine throttle in there, even though it is a two engine plane.

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Bill: I'm not hijacking this plane... I'm trying to save it.


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Question: In the scenes with the fighter jets flying besides the airliner, the fighters are depicted running with the afterburners (re-heat) on. This surely would not be the case for flying at a low speed of around Mach 0.8?

Answer: This is an error. The fighter jets depicted could easily keep pace with an airliner without the need for afterburners. However, this very well could be an intentional error. The sight of afterburners gives the audience a sense of high speed which heightens tension.


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