Beau Hunks

Beau Hunks (1931)

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Continuity mistake: When one of the new recruits is sitting on his bed and looking at a photo of "Jeannie-Weannie", we see a close-up of the photo and behind it is the recruit's holdall. Later on, when the bald-headed recruit is sitting on his bed looking at the same photo, we cut to a close-up of the photo and it is the same shot as seen earlier.

Continuity mistake: When one of the new recruits is sitting on his bed looking at a photo of "Jeannie-Weannie", he is wearing a shirt. But after a quick cut to Oliver, we return to the recruit and he is now wearing a vest.

Continuity mistake: In a close-up of a photo of "Jeannie-Weannie" being held by the one of the new recruits, his left hand is holding the photo at the bottom, but when we cut to the recruit in the next shot, his left hand is now holding the photo in the middle.

Continuity mistake: When the Riffian finds Stan and Oliver in the store cupboard, he stands on some tacks and you can see he drops his knife in the process, but when we see the Riffian a few seconds later, the knife is now back in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Stan and Oliver escape from the Riffian in the store cupboard, Oliver knocks over a barrel of tacks on the floor and you can see that the barrel is facing left, but in the next shot it is now facing right.

Continuity mistake: Stan and Oliver lose their rifles when they tumble down the sand dune, but when they reach the bottom, they still have the rifles in their hands.

Continuity mistake: When Stan pulls the door into Oliver's face, Oliver falls backwards and the spring on his back sends him skywards and onto the piano. When Oliver falls onto the piano, you can see that there is nothing on his stomach, but a few seconds later he is covered with piano hammers and other parts from the interior of a real piano.

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Trivia: In 1992, seven days after celebrating his hundredth birthday, producer Hal Roach appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show, where Jay Leno was filling in for host Johnny Carson. When Leno asked Roach which of all the movies he had made was his own favourite, he selected Beau Hunks, mainly because Jean Harlow - who had started at Roach's studio but went on to become a star at MGM - appeared in this movie for nothing. Harlow's appearance in the movie was only through old publicity photographs she had made for the Roach studio.

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