Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Continuity mistake: When the WABAC machine is going through the time vortex, trying to escape from the black hole, some tiles get sucked off the WABAC, but in the next shot they are back on.

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Continuity mistake: When the two Peabodys and Shermans appear, white toga Peabody goes to save Greek Sherman while black toga Peabody goes to save regular Sherman, with each Peabody grabbing their Sherman's hand, respectively. However in the next shot the two Peabodys have changed position. (01:07:05)


Revealing mistake: At the end of the film, when Peabody drops off Sherman for school and has just told him that he loves him, there's an animation error occurring in the background in the form of a car going from full speed to instantly being completely frozen. (01:21:00)

Emil Smedius

Factual error: Toward the end, Einstein holds a Rubik's cube. A corner piece has two orange faces (not possible). It appears again about a minute later.

Continuity mistake: After Ms. Grunion tries to have our heroes arrested, she gets into a police car, behind the driver. Patty Peterson is in the middle, Paul Peterson is on the passenger side. A few seconds later the car spins sharply left before striking the horse. Grunion is now on the passenger side, her and Paul having switched places. After the car lands, Grunion yells "The name is Grunion" from the driver's side once again. A few seconds later we see Grunion sitting behind the driver. The shot changes to a view out the windshield showing the fleeing WABAC, then cuts back to the interior of the squad car as Grunion yells "Don't lose them!" from her seat in the middle, Patty to her right, Paul to her left.


Continuity mistake: As the WABAC pops back into normal time from closing the wormhole, there are five pops with accompanying rings over the building. A second after the fifth ring appears, the closeup shows a complete replay of the rings appearing, with the WABAC popping out of the top.

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Agamemnon: Don't tase me, bro.

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