It's Magic, Charlie Brown
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Lucy van Pelt: Linus, have you seen Charlie Brown?
Linus van Pelt: Nobody has seen him since Snoopy's magic show. I just talked to Sally, and she said even when you look at him, you don't see him.
Lucy van Pelt: What's that supposed to mean? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

Lucy van Pelt: All right, beagle, here's your magic book. You made Charlie Brown disappear. You'd better make him reappear. Now you start figuring out how to make him visible again, or I'll pound you.

Continuity mistake: When Snoopy is at the library, he picks out a book and you can see there is nothing on the front cover, but when we see a close up of the book in the next shot, the words "How to Perform Magic" have appeared.

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