The Wind Rises
Movie Quote Quiz

Giovanni Battista Caproni: Every engineer has his 10 years in the sun.

Kurokawa: We thought you were going to marry an airplane.

Caproni: Which would you choose: a world with pyramids or a world without?

Young Nahoko: Be brave, Kinu.

Caproni: She was beautiful, just like the wind.

Caproni: Be careful, this may be a dream but you can still lose your head.

Caproni: Airplanes are beautiful dreams, engineers turn dreams into reality.

Freshman: What on Earth is Jiro working so hard on?
Honjô: Fish bones.

Caproni: Bravo! A beautiful dream.

Honjô: A flying door. You don't see that every day.

Caproni: Inspiration unlocks the future.

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