The Turning Point

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Yuri: Care to have supper?
Emilia: I'm busy.
Yuri: After supper?
Emilia: Bed.
Yuri: Ok... Emilia, it's joke.

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Trivia: The movie's plot is a fictionalized version of ballerina Lesley Browne (who played Amelia in the film) and her real-life family. Her mother, ballerina Mirrow Brown, was close friends with fellow dancer Nora Kaye (Lesley Browne's godmother). The characters of Emma and DeeDee were based on them. Nora Kaye was married to Hollywood director/producer Herbert Ross, who directed the film. Famed dancer Gelsey Kirkland was originally cast to play Amelia, but when she dropped out, Lesley Browne was cast to play a fictionalized version of herself.

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