The Railway Man
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Finlay: When we surrendered, the Japs said we weren't men. Real men would... would kill themselves, would die of shame. But we said no. We'll live - for revenge. But we didn't, no. We don't live. We're miming in the choir. We can't love. We can't sleep. We're an army of ghosts.

Eric: What do you tell people about what you did to us?
Nagase: We do not talk about it. No one will talk about it.
Eric: Nor do we. And you know why? Because no-one would believe it. No one would believe what you did to us. You treated us like animals because we surrendered.

Eric: Don't move.
Patti: Why not?
Eric: Because I'm looking at you.

Nagase: You are a soldier, Lomax. You never surrendered.
Eric: I'm still at war.

Eric: My mother was already dead, as it happens. All through the war, I wrote letters home to a dead woman.

Factual error: The train liveries shown in the UK were well out of use by 1980. And the West Coast Railway (Company) did not exist at all.

Steve Everett

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