Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Corrected entry: At the end of the film you can see that Jesse is in the basement and he is moving through the plastic. Some seconds after he was doing that 2 little kids appear and you can see that the 2 little kids are Katie and Kristie from PA3. But PA3 was set in 1988 and "The Marked Ones" is set in 2013. (01:07:00)

Correction: Katie and Kristie (as young girls) went through the door that takes you to unholy places. In PA3 at the end the grandma says "it's time to get ready," meaning they have to go through the door into the future in order to do that one job. It is confusing but that is how they are there. Just like Jesse's friend goes through the door and ends up in Katie's house, which is not set in 2013.

Continuity mistake: The girl that Jesse brought into the house, Penelope, was wearing a blue skirt with leggings when they arrived at the house. However when she walks around the corner to take off her shirt she comes back with just black leggings on.

Mikaela Rodriguez

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Trivia: The only film in the series not to feature "Nights." (Ex. "Night 1," "Night 2," etc).


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Question: Why would Jessie's friend take the chance of stealing that piece of paper with Ally's number on it, while their gangster "friend" who is supposed to be pretty scary is right there, when he is sitting there filming the whole damn thing and could just go back and get the number off the camera? (01:01:50)


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