Smarty Cat (1955)

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Continuity mistake: When Tom's feline friends are sneaking past Spike in order to get to Tom's house, the ginger cat has a bandage wrapped around his tail, but when the three cats enter the house, the bandage on the ginger cat's tail has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Whenever we see Jerry getting booted out of the house throughout the short, the door has a large rectangle at the bottom of it, but when Jerry climbs out of the letter-box when Butch runs after him, the door now has two small rectangles at the bottom.

Continuity mistake: When Butch and the other cats tiptoe past Spike at the start of the cartoon, you can see that Spike's bone is next to his kennel, but when Jerry is thrown out of the house by the cats before the film begins, he lands in Spike's mouth and the bone is now next to Spike.

Continuity mistake: After Tom kicks Jerry out of the house again, Jerry lands in Spike's mouth and then opens Spike's eyelid. When this happens, the position of Spike's left arm changes between shots.

Trivia: The 'home movies' that Butch took is footage from three previous Tom and Jerry shorts: "Solid Serenade", "Cat Fishin'" and "Fit To Be Tied."

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