The Wolf of Wall Street
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Continuity mistake: In the very last scene in New Zealand when Jordan is giving a motivational speech, he approaches his first target in the audience and says 'Sell me this pen.' As he does so, he holds out a pen in his right hand. When we cut to the shot to the person's face, we see that the pen is in Jordan's left hand; this goes on and on with every person. (02:52:10)

Allister Cooper, 2011

Continuity mistake: When Teresa is yelling and hitting Jordan because he cheated on her with the blonde girl in the limo, the car disappears and reappears between shots. (01:00:35)


The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The glass of beer Donnie knocks over at the party (which falls onto the ground floor) is at its previous place in the next shot. (00:51:15)


Audio problem: Jordan and Donnie are talking about Jordan's money. Jordan then says "technically 72 thousand last month. Something like that." When he says "something like that", the camera is very close to Jordan's head with Donnie in the background. You hear the words "something like that", but Jordan's mouth is not moving, it is closed. (00:23:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Teresa is yelling and hitting Jordan after pulling him out of the limo, we see the door being closed 3 times. She starts to close the door. In the next shot she slips, and the door is fully open again. In the following shot she closes the door completely, and in the shot following that, she's closing the door once again. (01:00:25)


Factual error: When Jordan tries to escape with his daughter in the Mercedes, he pulls the parking brake with his hand (a hand-type parking brake) to stop the car, but that car (Mercedes Benz SL Class R129) is only available with a foot-type parking brake, making his action impossible. (02:43:35)

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Continuity mistake: The remains of the cigarette Donnie holds during the first meeting in the office room changes from shot to shot.


Continuity mistake: In the first restaurant scene with Jordon and Mark, there are two martini glasses on the table in the close-up. When they cut to the wide shot, there is only one martini glass on the table. (00:09:40)

The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jordan is inside his Mercedes trying to escape with his daughter, his wife breaks the door glass and the shot changes abruptly. When she breaks the windows Jordan doesn't have a ring, but when the shot changes the ring appears on his finger again. (02:43:30)

Pablo Tapia Lam

Visible crew/equipment: The telescopic handle of a boom mic is visible in the reflection of the right window during the questioning of the gay butler in the penthouse. (01:03:05)


The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The yacht Jordan presents Naomi as a wedding present is different from the the one sailing in the next shot. The first one is bigger and has a different number of windows on the hull side. (01:10:35 - 01:11:15)


Factual error: When the guys arrive in Switzerland and pull up at the office for their meeting with the Swiss Banker, the car is driving/pulling up on the left-hand side of the road, whereas the Swiss drive on the right. It's probably because the scene was filmed in the City of London (UK drives on the left), as there are City of London street signs visible in the background. (01:42:06)


Revealing mistake: Naomi opens her legs in their daughter's room and tells Jordan she's not wearing panties, but she's actually wearing some, as we can see in a shot seconds later.

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Suggested correction: She is teasing him, goading him, trying to make him find out for himself whether she is going commando or not.

No, she is not. She spreads her legs and reveals to him she isn't wearing any panties and then tells him he's not allowed to touch her. What would be the point of goading him to make him wonder if she is going commando when she's very deliberately flashing her privates at him?

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Continuity mistake: When Jordan announces that Donnie is going to take the leadership of the Stratton Oakmont company, in a closeup on his face, Nicky Koskoff has a serious face. In the next shot he is smiling and clapping his hands. (02:11:55)


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Continuity mistake: On the yacht Jordan offers some food to Patrick Denham and the other FBI agent. Patrick stands, while the other walks towards the table. In the next shot he is again behind agent Patrick Denham. (01:29:50)


The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Steve Madden talks to the office, Jordan talks in the face of two employees. When talking to the second one, the hand holding the microphone and the hand around the employee's neck swap. (01:22:40)


The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Just before Jordan saves Donnie for his choking he gets a shot of cocaine which disappears from his nose and mouth few shots later. (02:06:15 - 02:06:45)


The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jordan goes to lunch with Mark, Mark is wiping his nose with a napkin as the waiter talks to him in the wide shot. As the waiter says the next word, they cut to a close-up of Mark, but the hand is missing the napkin and is in a completely different position reaching into his suit pocket. (00:08:25)

The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Jordan and Naomi make love for the last time, his pants suddenly appear on him when he's about to leave the bed. (02:40:20)

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Naomi Lapaglia: Did you just cum?
Jordan Belfort: Oh yeah. I just came. Did you? Did you cum?
Naomi Lapaglia: No.
Jordan Belfort: No? OK. I'm still hard. Just give me a second.
Naomi Lapaglia: Sure.

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Trivia: The humming chant Matthew McConaughey does and Leonardo DiCaprio adopts is actually something McConaughey does before scenes to relax himself and clear his head. He did it before shooting the scene with DiCaprio in the restaurant, and after a few takes DiCaprio suggested that it was put in the scene, so it stayed.

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Question: How did the FBI find the note Jordan gave Donnie when he was wearing a wire?


Chosen answer: As seen from Donne's reaction when the FBI storm the building shortly after, It should be assumed that Donnie told the FBI himself, and kept the note as evidence. One of the reasons for this could be that Donnie must have felt betrayed or something similar.


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