Private Parts
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12-Year-Old Howard: But why can't I play with my puppets?
Ben Stern: Shut up, ya know why.

Howard (as MamaLookaboobooday): "Kill Kill Kill the White Man" by Eugene Mamalookaboobooday. Eugene is my pen name 'cause I wrote this while I was in the Pen.

Howard Stern: Lesbians equals ratings.

Howard Stern: We never went to ballgames. The only sport my dad liked was yelling.

Lawyer (Barry): Page 108, paragraph 3, No jokes involving flatulence, excretion, urination, ejaculation, or other bodily functions.
Lawyer (Jerry): Also, no use of the seven so-called seven dirty words. These are cocksucker, mother-fucker, fuck, shit, cunt, cock, and pussy.

Roger Erlick: Howard is on the FCC's Most Wanted List.

Continuity mistake: Howard is happy about trying to get Allison pregnant, he places the microphone on the chair mat to do a tap dance. When they cut to the close-up the microphone is on the carpet.

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Question: Did that woman really manage to put that huge sausage down her throat or was it really good cgi?

Answer: She actually can do it, and became somewhat famous for it. She was on the Howard Stern radio show, and WOR-TV show several times.


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