The Princess Diaries

Trivia: Kathleen Marshall, who plays the role of Charlotte, is the director Garry Marshall's daughter.

Trivia: In the scene where Mia slips and falls on the bleachers, Anne Hathaway actually did fall. The director thought it was so funny that he decided to leave it in there. Notice how Mia and Lilly fall out of character and start laughing, but in the next shot they're immediately serious again as if nothing happened.

Trivia: When Mia is getting her makeover Paolo says that he will call her eyebrows "Frida" and "Kahlo." Frida Kahlo is a Hispanic artist who has a uni-brow.

Trivia: During the first formal dinner that Princess Mia attends, when she taps on her glass to get everyone's attention, and the glass breaks, take note of the waiter who attends to the broken glass and says, "Don't worry, it happens all the time." The actor, Alan Kent, says the same line in Pretty Woman during the famous "slippery snail" incident. Both films were directed by Garry Marshall.


Trivia: The actor who plays Mia's dad is actually Anne Hathaway's dad, and he just happened to be in San Francisco the day of filming. That is how he ended up in the film.

Trivia: Michael Moscovitz in the movie, the guy who likes Mia, plays in a band in one part where Mia goes to visit her "baby". The actor is Robert Schwartzman, now known as Robert Carmine in honor of one of his relatives. He is the lead singer in the band "Rooney" and when his band plays at the mechanic's in the movie, it is actually part of the song "Blueside" by Rooney. Also, actor Jason Schwartzman is his brother, and his cousins are Sophia Coppola and Nicolas Cage.

Trivia: When Michael comes with Mia's car, Mia is watching one of the deleted scenes from the movie.

Trivia: During the dinner party scene, Mia accidentally sets the man's arm on fire. The flames were meant to go out when he put his arm in the ice bucket, but they didn't. Anne Hathaway panicked and threw a glass of water on it, which was not scripted.

Trivia: Near the end of the movie, just before Mia goes and apologises, there is a sign on one of the buildings. It says "Lily and Charlotte Grove Building" (01:20:20)

Trivia: In the scene where Heather and Anne are first in the limo together, there is a shot shown of what appears to be Lily's hand, which has a number of rings on, touching switches in the limousine. In all actuality, that is Anne's cousin's hand we see. She also has a cameo role in the film. In the scene where Robert's band is playing in the garage, she's the fair-haired girl next to the girl who speaks about one of the band members.

Trivia: The necklace Julie Andrews wears at the ball at the end is the same one she wore to the 2001 Oscars.

Trivia: The two girls who ask for Mia's autograph outside her school are the director's granddaughters.

Trivia: Director Garry Marshall dances in front of the camera during the last scene of the Independence Day Ball. It's better to watch it in slow-motion, but it can be seen either way.

Trivia: The young girl who plays the Prime Minister's daughter is Hector Elizondo's real-life granddaughter.

Trivia: In the end credits, "Fat Louie" is credited as "himself". There were in fact four cats used for the part, but none of them were called "Louie".

Trivia: Penny Marshall, sister of the director Garry Marshall, is one of the guests at Genovia's annual Independence Ball.

Continuity mistake: Just before Mia goes to smash her ice cream cone into Lana's chest, she takes a bite off the top of the ice cream. When she pushes it towards the camera, you can see that it hasn't been eaten at all.

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Joe: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

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Question: Just after Mia has to let her hair down from under her hat in class, Lilly says something to stop people saying stuff about Mia's hair. What does she say?

Answer: She wants the class to concentrate on "Voltaire", not "hair". Voltaire was a French writer & philosopher, author of 'Candide'.


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