The Prince of Tides
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Tom Wingo: Let's face it, Lowenstein. Women are more devious than men. You're great at hiding things. You keep secrets. You smile when you lie. You expect a man to be a tower of strength. When he's got a few weaknesses and insecurities, what do you do? You turn around, and goddamn it, you betray him.

Susan Lowenstein: I've gotta find me a nice Jewish boy. You guys are killing me.

Tom Wingo: You have to be patient with me, Lila. You've done a lot to piss me off.

Tom Wingo: Now girls, have I ever told you the facts of life?
Jennifer Wingo: Oh, not this again.
Tom Wingo: Stay away from boys 'cause they are all disgusting, self-indulgent beasts that pee on bushes and pick their noses.

Eddie Detreville: How's Savannah? When can I see her?
Tom Wingo: I don't know, Eddie. It's like talking to a fern.
Eddie Detreville: Well, I'm glad she's improving.

Tom Wingo: You do have a sense of humor! I was beginning to think you had it surgically removed.

Bernard Woodruff: Where do you coach, Mr. Wingo? Hillbilly country?

Continuity mistake: When Tom is in Lowenstein's office, he picks up a nic-nac from a shelf - a small head - and he goes to put it back, but he doesn't, and then, suddenly, he has his hands in his pockets, and the head just reappears on the shelf without him putting it back.


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