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Corrected entry: When the limo driver first greets Mrs. Travers at the airport, he takes her suitcases, and escorts her to the waiting car. He puts the bags down by the car, helps her in, and drives away without putting the bags in the trunk. Of course, they are somehow in the trunk upon arrival at the hotel.

Correction: That is incorrect. Ralph, the driver is shown opening the door for Travers and then shutting it. The scene immediately cuts to a long view of the limo driving on the highway. The shot never showed Ralph driving the car away from the curb and out of the airport. He would have put the bags into the trunk, but this was not shown.

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Corrected entry: Early in the film, Ms Travers arrives in 1961 Hollywood, and finds that the Disney people had filled her hotel room with stuffed animal versions of Disney characters. Among them is Winnie the Pooh, who would not be a part of the Disney lineup until 1966.

Correction: The "POOH" movie didn't come out until 1966, but Disney obtained the rights from AA Milne in 1961, which is the year Saving Mr. Banks takes place. Disney animators had been working on the Pooh film, drawings and merchandise already, in anticipation of getting those rights. It's no surprise he had Pooh among the gifts as almost an example to Travers as in "see, even Milne trusted me with the care of Pooh".

Corrected entry: Travers Goff and little Ginty are sitting by the river in what appears to be a remote area after she visits him in the bank and yet she is licking a large, perfectly shaped, unmelted ice cream cone.


Correction: I would have to disagree. First, they are living in what was then a small, back-water town that probably has only a a few main streets and is surrounded by little else. A river could be right next to the town. Second, in the shot with the ice cream cone, Ginty and her father are sitting against a tall river bank, and the embankment behind them is too high to see over or any of the surrounding geography, so there is no way to judge if this is a remote area. They could easily have gotten the ice cream and walked a short distance to the river before sitting down. Third, Ginty's ice cream is half-eaten, nearly down to the rim of the cone, its rounded shape is from her having licked it, keeping it from melting all over her hand.

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Factual error: When Mrs. Travers arrives at the airport, there's a driver holding a name-card with a Warner Bros. Television logo on it. It's a far more modern version of the logo, however - in fact, the word 'Television' didn't appear in the ribbon across the shield until 1994. (00:10:10)

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Ralph: Welcome, Mrs. P.L. Travers, to the city of angels.
P.L. Travers: It smells. Of...
Ralph: Jasmine?
P.L. Travers: Chlorine, and sweat.

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Trivia: In the final scene from Walt Disney's office when P.L. Travers has arrived for the premiere you can spot a map of Florida with a marked area of where today's Walt Disney World is located. Walt Disney was indeed planning WDW in 1961 and it was in the early stages of development on the drawing board. Ultimately, Walt died before the new park opened. (01:50:40)

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Answer: The dog is either a Skye terrier or a French Briard. Since it is white and has a long tail it is most likely a mixed breed, since the scene is supposed to be in Australia, it may be a mixed terrier and Australian sheep dog mix.

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