Out-Foxed (1949)

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Continuity mistake: When Droopy is in Reginald Fox's lair, Reginald gives him a fake bone with a lit firecracker in it. Droopy then goes outside, and when he shows the other hunting dogs the bone, the other dogs fight over it and one of them puts the bone in his mouth. When Droopy asks the other dogs which of them took his bone, the bone which is one of the other dog's mouths does not appear in the shape of a bone around his mouth until he shakes his head "No" and then the firecracker explodes.

Continuity mistake: When we see the injured dogs at the end of the short, there are five dogs on the stretcher and one dog carrying it at both ends, making it a total of seven dogs. When the dogs run up to the window to see the celebration at the kennels, there are now only six.

Continuity mistake: When Droopy tells Reginald Fox about the steak for every fox he brings back, Reginald is wearing his monocle on his right eye, but when he picks up the phone book in the next shot, the monocle is now on his left eye.

Continuity mistake: After Reginald Fox ties up the dog in the bag, his monocle is on his left eye, but when he answers the door in the next shot, the monocle is now on his right eye.

Droopy: Hello, Mr. Fox. Now can I catch you?
English Fox: As they say in America... Are you kiddin'?

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Trivia: When the dog shoots his hand when trying to catch Reginald Fox at the log, part of "Tom's scream" can be heard.

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