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Corrected entry: Roughly halfway through the Marshmallow chase scene, Anna releases a bent tree to hit the monster. The tree is seen to have snow on top. Snow does not bend trees like that. Fair enough that the wind might have blown it over, but the snow wouldn't have hardened fast enough to make the bending permanent. Besides, if that was the case, then all the trees would be bent.

Correction: There's a large clump of trees in the area that can be seen bent in the same way. Of course snow bends trees like that. Trees snap all the time from snow bending them too much. And no, not every tree would be like that because the arrangement of the limbs would change the balance of the snow from tree to tree and the amount of open space around the tree would change how much snow was able to settle on it.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, Elsa is given gloves to help control her ice powers from spreading to anything she touches. Through this we can assume that her powers cannot go through items of clothing. Yet when she runs from the coronation after-party later in the film, she runs across the fjord via a sheet of ice she is apparently creating spontaneously. How is it that her powers are able to go through her shoes, but not her gloves?

Elizabeth Mehling

Correction: As shown during "Do you wanna build a snowman", despite wearing gloves, an 11 year old Elsa still manages to use her powers. This scene shows us that despite having the gloves, Elsa's powers can still manifest themselves when she experiences a powerful surge of emotions (fear for those around her when she accidentally shows her powers, immense joy and freedom during Let It Go). In both instances she manages to create ice with her feet. Also it was shown in the snow building scene at the start of the movie that Elsa can make ice by stepping on the ground (despite having shoes) so it could have been possible from the get go.

Gerard Crisostomo

Corrected entry: When Elsa sings the final stanza to Let it Go, she is out almost to the rail of the balcony, but in the close up after her final line "The cold never bothered me anyway" she turns around and the door instantly slams shut behind her.

Correction: It's a musical number, it doesn't play out in real time. Just like when Anna and Hans are singing together during the party, it would have taken them hours to hike all the way up to that waterfall from the castle. Did they sing the whole time and we just didn't get hear it, or did they hold off singing until they got up there and then start up again?

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Corrected entry: When Anna, Kristoff and Olaf get thrown by Marshmallow, Anna does not have her hat on when they are sliding, yet her hat is back on in the next shot.

Correction: Just re watched the scene and she has her hat on.

Corrected entry: Hans' plan makes no sense because that's not how being royalty works. If he married Anna, then Elsa was dead, Anna ascended the throne, then Anna was dead, he would not remain king. The crown would be passed to a relative of their family or to another high-ranking noble family within the kingdom. Hans would always be a prince no matter what.

Correction: He was never planning on killing Anna in the first place. His plan was to kill Elsa, remain married to Anna and thereby be king.

Corrected entry: When Anna is trying to convince Elsa to come back with her and Elsa is telling her to go back home, Anna says that Arendelle is in "deep, deep, deep, deep snow" and that she caused an eternal winter everywhere. How does Anna know this about her home? When she left on her horse it was just barely snowing.

Correction: Because she climbed through deep, deep, deep, deep snow to get to Elsa's castle. Perhaps there is snow year-round higher up the mountain, but the rest of that snow she waded through was definitely out of season.

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Corrected entry: When Anna first arrives at Wandering Odin's Trading Post, she does not have any snow on her at all (nor did she before falling into the stream). However, when Kristoff arrives, he is covered head to toe in snow.

Kimberly Anne McKnight

Correction: So he's been out in it longer, or got caught in the wind, or fell down, or... There are any number of reasons why one character might be covered in snow while a completely different character might not.

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Corrected entry: Marshmallow shouldn't be able to go down Elsa's castle's lower room because of his size. The stairway Anna and Elsa climbed in the song "For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)" is too narrow for his upper body to fit through.

Correction: He's made of snow. Just like Olaf, his body can come apart and be put back together. So Marshmallow shaved some snow off squeezing down the stairway, but got it back once he was in the open again.

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Corrected entry: When Anna and Kristoff first meet Olaf, the snowman claims he has no experience with heat. However, when Olaf finds a weak and freezing Anna in the room Hans locks her in, he sets a fire in the fireplace as if he knows it will keep her warm. That is when he feels heat for the first time. Since he had no experience with heat before setting the fire, he could not have figured it would keep Anna warm. (01:42:00)

Correction: Olaf sings "And find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm!" in the song 'In Summer', so he is aware that heat makes people warm, he just doesn't know what it will do to him.

Corrected entry: Olaf shouldn't have been able to start a fire so easily for Anna. Hans put the fire out with a pitcher of water, so the wood would still be wet.

Correction: When Olaf starts the fire he adds more wood (that is not wet) to the fireplace.

Corrected entry: Four trolls throw lassos over Anna, and four trolls throw lassos over Kristoff. Even though there were only four lassos thrown over each of them, they each have eight loops of rope wrapped around them.

Correction: This is because, when the trolls throw the lassos, they throw two at a time. After watching this scene a lot of times, I noticed that they are holding either a doubled up rope, or they have two ropes in their hands.

Corrected entry: Elsa's original gown vanishes when she creates her ice gown. Suddenly her leg is uncovered and her neckline is much lower. But she never actually changed, she just created a new gown over the old one.

Correction: If Elsa can create sentient life out of inanimate objects, it seems a much less impressive feat for her to simply transform the cloth of her old dress into the cloth of her new dress.

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Corrected entry: As long as Elsa had the gloves, there was no need to keep her away from Anna. I know her powers were still noticeable with them, but she couldn't harm Anna with them. The point of keeping her away from Anna was to protect her.


Correction: The gloves did nothing besides calming (sort of) Elsa with their presence. They were completely placebo, they merely helped her think her powers couldn't seep through so she never got scared enough to set her powers off while wearing her gloves. Remember, she froze the water with a tap of her foot, so her shoes didn't hold her powers back either.

Corrected entry: The Duke's guards shoot several arrows into Marshmallow's arm, which disappear in the next shot.


Correction: The arrows are broken off when he sweeps the men into a wall.

Corrected entry: When Elsa starts to thaw Arendelle we can see that they are standing on the ice, the ships are all surrounding them. But suddenly as the ice thaws under them a ship appears directly beneath their feet. (01:28:00)

Correction: The mast of the ship can be seen when Elsa breaks down in sorrow and the blizzard stops.

Corrected entry: During "Let it go," after using the stairs Elsa created she takes a few steps and starts to create an ice castle. The stairs she created a moment ago are suddenly missing. (00:32:55 - 00:33:40)

Correction: Elsa actually takes several steps, twirls on the spot, and then dashes ahead about a meter or so. The camera stays in front of Elsa during this action and the stairs are visible behind her the whole time. Once the camera cuts to her foot stomping then rises as it pans down and around to show the snowflake in the ice floor, the area with the stairs is not in frame again until the growing ice castle is already large enough to block them from view.

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Revealing mistake: When Anna and Hans are dancing in front of the lighthouse, we don't see the shadow of the railing or the ground they're standing on.

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Olaf: I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs!
Kristoff: Those are my legs.

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Trivia: You can spot Mickey Mouse in the quickest of cameos in "Frozen" at a place Anna discovers after she ventures into the cold forest. A tiny Mickey Mouse plush toy sits on one of the lower shelves in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna.

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Question: What does Olaf mean by asking, "Who's the funky-looking donkey?" Was he referring to Krisftoff? Olaf initially mistakes Krisftoff to have the same name as Sven and does not learn his real name until he meets the trolls. Why doesn't Krisftoff or Anna correct him about Kristoff's name?

Answer: It's a joke. He asks who the funny looking donkey is, meaning Kristoff. Everyone assumes he's talking about Sven.

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