Hamateur Night (1939)

6 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: The style of the moon changes during the Romeo and Juliet scene.

Continuity mistake: When Juliet comes onto to the balcony during the performance of Romeo and Juliet, the moon is initially on the left of the painting behind her, but in the next shot it is now next to the balcony.

Continuity mistake: When Teeny-Tiny-Teensy-Tinny-Tinny-Tin has finished her act, there is a tree on the background painting behind her. But in the next shot, the tree has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When the sword act performer waits for his subject to appear from the audience, there is a shadow behind him on the curtain. In the next shot, there is no shadow.

Continuity mistake: When the Master of Ceremonies appears on stage at the start of the show, a spotlight shines on him and you can see his shadow on the curtain behind him. But in the next shot, there is no shadow.

Continuity mistake: When the dog in the audience has his feet crushed by the hippopotamus sitting down on his chair, you can see that there is an empty chair next to the dog, but in the next shot the chair has disappeared.

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