Anatomy of a Murder

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)


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Deputy Sheriff Sulo: I didn't hear them myself. There were tourists from Ohio in the park and they heard them and told me about it the next day.
Mitch Lodwick: Your honour! This testimony is incompetent, hearsay, irrelevant, immaterial, inconclusive.
Paul Biegler: Well, that's too much for me. The witness is yours, Mr. Lodwick.

Judge Weaver: One judge is quite like another. The only differences may be in the state of their digestions or their proclivities for sleeping on the bench. For myself, I can digest pig iron. And while I might appear to doze occasionally, you will find that I am easily awakened, particularly if shaken gently by a good lawyer with a nice point of law.

Maida Rutledge: If this refrigerator gets any more fish in it, it will swim upstream and spawn all by itself.

Paul Biegler: If you do that one more time, I'll punch you all the way out into the middle of Lake Superior.

Paul Biegler: Look, Laura, believe me, I don't usually complain of an attractive jiggle, but just you save that jiggle for your husband to look at, if and when I get him out of jail.

Judge Weaver: Now, Mr. Dancer, get off the panties. You've done enough damage.

Parnell Emmett McCarthy: Gin... I knew there was something wrong with that guy. I never met a gin drinker yet that you could trust.

Parnell Emmett McCarthy: You know I used to think the world looked better through a glass of whiskey. It doesn't. I think I'll keep it this way. Looks nice.

Parnell Emmett McCarthy: The lieutenant goes to Quill's place and plugs Mr. Quill about five times, which causes Mr. Quill to promptly die of lead poisoning.

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