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Continuity mistake: Joe is looking through his yearbook while Marie chats with the old headmistress. He finds the page with Adrian's photo. At first, the name under the photo is Adrian Pryce. In the closeup shot, it now reads Adrian Doyle Pryce. (01:12:20)


Oldboy mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the ending, when Joe is seen burning one of the letters he had written Mia, when the camera cuts from a medium shot to the closeup of the letter burning, the handwriting on the envelope is slightly different, and the size/position of the fire has also changed.

Character mistake: When Joe and Marie are going over files in the old school, Joe finds a staff letter announcing the enrollment of Amanda Pryce. The top of the letter is dated 1984. However, Joe then proceeds to ask Marie to search for Amanda's file, and tells her to search for the year 1986.

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Suggested correction: It's possible the incident happened up to 2 years after her enrollment (starting as a freshmen and the incident being when she was a sophomore or junior).

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Chaney: I swear, I don't know nothin'! I swear before God and eight motherfuckin' white people.

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Trivia: The passing reference to "The Count of Monte Cristo" made right before Joe kills a guard at the "prison" is a small nod to the original Korean version of the film. "The Count of Monte Cristo" is referenced and paid homage to several times during the original film.

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