X-Men: Days of Future Past

Corrected entry: They never explain what the inside of the sentinels are actually made of. Trask just says there's not an ounce of metal on them. If there is absolutely no metal, what is used in place of wiring?

Correction: This isn't a plot hole, it's a question. A film or show not explaining how made up technology works, or what it's made of, is never a plot hole. It's only a plot hole if there's a contradiction for the sake of the plot.


Correction: Trask specifically tells Nixon that the Sentinels are made from a space-age polymer. No further explanation is needed.

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Correction: The movie takes place in a universe where autonomous flying robots can detect mutant DNA. Military helmets ten years ahead of their time aren't out of place. It just suggests that secret parts of the military are using futuristic gear.

Corrected entry: As Mystique is about to shoot Trask, Xavier gets in her head in order to convince her to not do it. The time is seemingly frozen as they 'converse'. Hank/The Beast encourages Xavier during their 'conversation'. The problem here is that the 'communication' is happening in a brief moment, a split second maybe. There would be no time for him to support Xavier as Mystique's decision would already have been made.

Correction: Xavier has the power to freeze people's minds, to make them think time is standing still. He did this in X-Men 2 at the food court. However, everything is still occurring in real time, not a fraction of a second or in slow-motion. And only those minds that he freezes are affected, everyone else can move at will.


Corrected entry: Charles says to Wolverine "I'm gonna say to you what you said to us then, fuck off." But that's not what he said, he actually said "Go fuck yourself."


Correction: Wolverine telling off Xavier and Magneto happened a decade prior to this film, and Charles at that point didn't have his powers (he doesn't necessarily have an eidetic memory when he has his powers anyway), so it's not really a mistake that Charles doesn't remember the exchange as exactly as it happened.

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Corrected entry: When Quicksilver resets everything in the kitchen he puts on goggles to run through the spraying water, but he never gets any splashes on his goggles or has to wipe them to see.


Correction: 1. You're assuming the goggles are to protect him from water, when they are more likely just to make it easier to see at high speeds. 2. His abilities demonstrate he would be able to dodge water in the air quite easily.

Corrected entry: Blink only uses her portal ability defensively (i.e. to escape). In theory, she should be able to single-handedly destroy all the sentinels by cutting them in half with her portals (as shown in her death scene when a portal severs a sentinel's arm) or at the very least create portals below the sentinels' feet and cause them to fall down mountains, etc. The only reason she didn't use her skill offensively was because the script writers needed the sentinels to be a threat to the mutants.


Correction: All Sentinels are able to reproduce the effect of any power used directly against any one of them. Blink deliberately avoids using her power offensively to prevent them from gaining this extreme advantage until the very last, when the Sentinels are either going to win it all or be erased from existence anyway.

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Corrected entry: Xavier finally re-enters Cerebro room and dusts-off his helmet - dust would have no-way of accumulating like that in a secret basement air-tight room.

Correction: At no point in the entire franchise is the room claimed to be airtight. It undoubtedly has ventilation, and therefore dust absolutely could and would accumulate inside it.

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Corrected entry: When Hank says "There's no professor here, I told you that", when he says "you that", we can see his lips aren't moving.


Correction: After Wolverine enters Xavier's house Hank stops him, and in a shot facing Hank's back he repeats "There's no professor here, I told..." then it cuts to a shot facing Hank as he finishes saying "you that," and we can indeed see Hank's mouth moving as he says those two words. There is no audio mistake here (timecode 00:30:20).

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Corrected entry: During the initial Sentinel attack, there's an error regarding Blink's portals, and the inconsistent way with which they are routed. We see a Sentinel lured into one, turn around, and then try to go back through it. However, simply turning around to reenter the portal should have resulted in the Sentinel being back in his original location, ie. on the far side of the first portal, facing away from Blink. But instead we have the Sentinel ending up on the closest side, facing towards Blink. (00:06:55)

Correction: The portals are always consistent (although her portal mutant powers aren't explained in the movie, so we don't actually know how they're suppose to work.) If you look at the way Blink is kneeling, you can tell the direction of the sentinel is correct.


Corrected entry: In this movie the police and prison guards use plastic weapons against Magneto. In the later X-men however (original Trilogy) they are using normal weapons against him and Magneto is even surprised in the third one that they finally learned their lesson.

Correction: Regular street cops used guns against Magneto, but while he was in prison, even at the end of the first X-Men, they had him locked down in a plastic prison cell.

Corrected entry: In "The Wolverine", the Silver Samurai completely melted out Wolverine's adamantium claws and his bone claws returned. Yet in the scenes in this movie that take place after these events, Wolverine is shown back with his adamantium claws.

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Correction: The only scenes set after The Wolverine are set many years in the future, with plenty of time for Wolverine to have had the adamantium reapplied to his claws.

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Factual error: Charles, Eric, Logan and Hank are seen flying in a Gulfstream II, tail number N540EA. This aircraft was manufactured in 1975. It didn't exist in 1973.

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Charles Xavier: I don't want your suffering! I don't want your future!
Logan: Look past my future, look for your future.

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Trivia: When Quicksilver is breaking Magneto out of prison he states that his mom used to know a guy that could control metal, implying that Magneto is Quicksilver's father, just like in the comics.

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Question: Who put Magneto in that plastic prison? Nixon and his cabinet don't seem know anything about mutants or see them as a threat (even after Cuba). Yet they put Magneto in a plastic prison as they know he can bend metal, so why wasn't anyone in the US government and most notably the President informed of this fact? It would have made Trask's appeals a lot more justified. Even likely sentinels would have been put into action a lot sooner rather then later.


Chosen answer: Government agents were previously aware of mutants - they are probably the same ones that imprisoned Magneto, and his attempt to prevent JFK's assassination was most likely covered up due to the revelation that Kennedy was a mutant. Magneto was already in prison by the time Trask pitched his Sentinel idea to the government, which is probably why the program wasn't instituted.

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