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The Bad Guys picture

Revealing mistake: This happens in the second ceremony when Wolf didn't press the button to shut off the lights to steal the golden dolphin because of the good comments. Few seconds later, the lights shut off, and you can see that the meteor on the top disappears at the time.

Miguel Campos

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Continuity mistake: Numerous times throughout the movie (largely over the course of one day) Abby's hair was inconsistent within and between scenes. It ranged from neatly combed straight back with no obvious part and a low or higher bun to relatively neatly combed back but angled to the right with a slight or obvious part to messy and frizzy, sometimes with strands dangling in the right front or behind her left ear. With all the "action" going on, she did not have the time or opportunity to comb or fix her hair.


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Blacklight picture

Revealing mistake: When Travis arose from the couch, "Little Man" - sleeping right next to him - did not move at all or even open his eyes, which would be extremely unlikely for a "real" dog; the dog, though appearing to be "breathing", was fake. (01:17:30)


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Death on the Nile picture

Continuity mistake: Jackie shows Linnet the engagement ring. Gal Gadot in the view from behind puts her hand on her mouth, and the gesture is repeated in the close-up. (00:12:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness picture

Continuity mistake: At the wedding, Christine tells Stephen that he "deserves it"; she leaves pulling her hand off his tie, but she never put it there in the first place.

Sammo Premium member

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Dune picture

Other mistake: It is questionable if there can be "sandstorms powerful enough to cut through metal." The year may be 10191 and "Arrakis" unknown to contemporary society, but the sandstorms would have to be at least comparable to the capabilities of modern day SAND BLASTERS that might do that type of damage operating at 1,000 MPH. IF the sand storms were that powerful, the people probably could not survive them. (00:05:50)


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Suggested correction: It's just hyperbole, like when someone says, "The sleet was cutting like daggers." It's meant to emphasize how powerful and dangerous the sandstorms are, not that the sand could literally cut metal.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Encanto picture

Continuity mistake: The little kid gives Mirabel the door knob, she looks at it and then the two of them come closer to the door but where is it? Neither of them have it and then Mirabel has it again.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife pictureGhostbusters: Afterlife mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While driving around the city, Trevor wonders if the ghost wasn't really a racoon. Podcast has his ecto-googles on his head, but a shot later, when Trevor suddenly stops, he has them on his eyes.

Sacha Premium member

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House of Gucci pictureHouse of Gucci mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Patrizia paints her phone number on the scooter's windshield the numbers change between shots, check the 5 for example.

Sacha Premium member

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The Lost City picture

Continuity mistake: When Daniel Radcliffe presents a special item he has put on white gloves, then a second later his gloves disappear. He no longer handles the item with gloves throughout the rest of the movie.

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Marry Me picture

Other mistake: Newscaster Hoda stated that Kat and Bastian would be making history when they exchanged vows "in front of the whole world, 20 million people." IF everyone worldwide watched, the figure would be over 7.8 BILLION. Justin told Collin that Kat and Bastian "have a social reach of over 200 MILLION people." Hoda might have meant 200 (not 20) million. (00:01:02 - 00:01:55)


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The Matrix Resurrections picture

Plot hole: It's supposed to be really difficult to get even a single member of the crew into the tower where Trinity was being held, we were shown the difficulty that program Morpheus had. Then when he gets there, all of a sudden Bugs is swooped in. No explanation, made the previous 5 minutes seem ridiculously pointless.

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Moonfall picture

Factual error: In the subplot on earth, the heroes' family members are trying to outrun the falling moon's gravity that's sucking everything into the air. So, naturally they duck into a barn, because, of course, gravity can't affect you behind a wall. And sure enough, behind the wall, they're suddenly safe.


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No Time to Die picture

Continuity mistake: James Bond was wearing a black tie when he visited Vespa Lynd's grave. This was still evident when he knocked Cyclops off his motorbike in the following action sequence. During the fight as he grapples with Cyclops, not only is the tie missing but the top few buttons of his shirt become undone.

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Suggested correction: He rips the tie off after he punches Primo. It's a blink or you'll miss it moment, but you can definitely see him do it in b-roll footage. It's been edited in the final version in such a way it isn't clear.

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Operation Mincemeat picture

Factual error: All the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve officers appear to wear green branch distinction cloth ('lights') between their rank rings. Green indicated electrical officers. As non-specialist officers, they shouldn't be wearing any lights at all.


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Scream picture

Continuity mistake: The first time we see Sam, it's in a long shot as she is sitting outside the bowling alley in Modesto. Look at the shadows on the building, in particular the door Jack Quaid comes out of; they change between shots.

Sammo Premium member

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings picture

Factual error: Although it's a commonly used movie trope, cutting the brake lines on a bus would not produce the effect seen in the movie. Buses use air brakes, which by design, can operate even with substantial loss of pressure and often engage automatically if there is too much pressure loss.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Sing 2 picture

Plot hole: Johnny's dad jumps in his truck and gets to Johnny in moments. That same journey was shown to be an overnight bus journey for everyone else.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Sonic and Tails arrive in Green Hills on the biplane, Tom and Maddie are looking up at them, but not focused on the same point. Instead, Maddie is looking to the left, and Tom to the right.


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Spider-Man: No Way Home picture

Continuity mistake: Doc Ock is supposedly from Spider-Man 2 yet here he's gained a sweatshirt or turtleneck whereas in that movie he didn't have one. It's made clear he was pulled from his timeline just before his death, so he should be wearing the same thing.


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Suggested correction: I mean how much time took place between the spell casting and his arrival at the bridge? I'm sure there was some confusion.


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Tom Clancy's Without Remorse picture

Continuity mistake: On the rooftop while shooting at the Russians, John dives through a skylight. In a side shot he's falling back first, then he lands on his front.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Other mistake: During the training scenes, aviators are told to keep a 500 to a 1000 ft safety bubble around them at all times. In multiple scenes you can see where they are almost flying in a wingtip formation.

Movie Medic

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Uncharted picture

Deliberate mistake: The baddies somehow manage to place the net under the two humongous ships by simply digging with their shovels in a matter of minutes, when they would need a bulldozer and several hours instead.

Sacha Premium member

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage picture

Plot hole: A core plot point (lifted by the comics) is that Venom needs phenethylamine, and the only way to get it is from brains and from chocolate. Let's just go with it and forget the fact that phenethylamine can be legally purchased as dietary supplement, which would solve every problem. So, Venom gets incredibly angry because Mrs. Chen's shop ran out of chocolates, and *therefore* they need to go raid a chicken plant to eat some chicken brain. Uh, Venom lives in San Francisco. Chocolate is sold everywhere. If Mrs. Chen ran out of it, there are hundreds of stores and vending machines that have it in abundance. The escalation does not make sense.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: The point is he needs to steal it. At Mrs. Chen's shop he gets it for free because he protects her from robbers. Eddie doesn't have the money to buy all the chocolate Venom needs all the time. Stealing some chickens as an alternative is better than trying to shoplift at a different store.


Suggested correction: Which would you rather have phenethylamine, chicken, or chocolate for dinner? That's like saying just because we need food to survive...we should just eat anything or buy our base vitamins and minerals over the counter and from the store.


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