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Barbie picture

Factual error: Gloria's vehicle is a Chevrolet Blazer SS EV, but during the chase scene, her supposedly electric vehicle makes sounds like a normal gas engine.


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Dune picture

Other mistake: When the injured woman put her bloody right hand over Leto's left shoulder, her fingers were initially curved around his shoulder then slid down. The bloody handprint (too "neat") ended up being lower on his shirt/lapel than would be expected and there was no blood on top of his shoulder or smear downward, which would be impossible. (01:18:00)


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Elf pictureElf mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Buddy and Michael are leaving the school, a crew member is visible in the bottom left of the shot. At first, he is just standing there, but he then tries to hide inside a doorway. (00:52:00)

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The Equalizer 3 picture

Character mistake: When McCall put his gun to his head and pulled the trigger, he's saddened that it didn't go off. Most handguns (including the one he was using), after the last round is fired, the slide locks to the rear. He would not have made the mistake of thinking it was loaded.


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Fast X pictureFast X mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Letty places the necklace on Dom, the actual cross is almost touching the neckline of his top. When the shot changes, the cross is much lower down the chest. (00:15:05)


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Fatman picture

Other mistake: The location of snow that accumulated on the porch cover or deck does not match the way snow accumulated on the SUV. The higher roof plus direction of the snowfall would have kept that part of the porch/deck sheltered from snow. (00:00:41)


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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire picture

Factual error: During the scene inside the submarine, you see a Commander (O5) giving orders to a captain (O6). This would never be a thing on any vessel. You would have a Commander as a Commanding Officer on a submarine, but not having a Captain working for the Commander.

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Hop picture

Continuity mistake: When EB is young and is in the factory for the first time, he picks up some sweets off the factory line. The amount of sweets in his hand then changes between shots.

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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes picture

Continuity mistake: When Coriolanus and Sejanus are eating lunch at the Academy, Coriolanus' sandwiches switch positions several times, stacking and unstacking, and turning several times.


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John Wick: Chapter 4 picture

Continuity mistake: During the fight at Osaka Continental between John and Caine, a knife lands near a display case corner. However, when the shot changes, the knife disappears.

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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning picture

Continuity mistake: Ethan and Grace are in a car chase, trying to get away from Paris. The Fiat Ethan and Grace are driving makes a left turn, and you see a dark blue car parked at the corner. Paris is driving the armored vehicle and makes the same turn, but the dark blue car has disappeared. (01:07:36)

Raphael Melendez

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Oppenheimer pictureOppenheimer mistake picture

Factual error: After the successful Trinity test in 1945, people in a crowd are holding small US flags with 50 stars on them (offset rows). At the time there were only 48 states and the flag had 48 stars in even rows. The 50 star flag didn't exist until 1960, after Alaska and Hawaii were made states in 1959.

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Suggested correction: While this is correct, an argument can be made that since the colour scenes are meant to be subjective and the black and white scenes are meant to be objective, Oppenheimer could have been unintentionally mapping the modern US flag onto this scene.


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The Ritual Killer picture

Continuity mistake: After Detective Boyd shoots the man in the head, the man is lying dead on the bed with his right arm alongside his body. When Boyd sits next to the man's head, the man has his right arm over his head in an inverted "V" shape. A little later, a rear view of Boyd shows the dead man's arm back to being alongside his body. (00:08:42)


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Shrek 2 pictureShrek 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Fairy Godmother is throwing the books behind her, the book "Snow White" lands on the other books. "Snow White" noticeably changes position between two shots. (00:41:15)


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The Super Mario Bros. Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Mario first consumes the Blue Mushroom, he emits a light that causes Donkey Kong to shield his eyes. However, later in the movie, when Peach forces Bowser to consume the same mushroom, no light is emitted. (00:49:15 - 01:21:22)


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Violent Night picture

Factual error: The opening states the location as Bristol, England. Santa is drinking in a pub on Shirely Street (neither the pub or the street exist in Bristol), then shortly after is shown leaving from the rooftop, on his sleigh, with multiple high rise buildings in the background. Bristol does not have high rise buildings in the main city centre, only a few blocks of flats, which all have flat roof tops, not like those depicted.

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