Common movie and TV mistakes

This is a list of mistakes, things done wrong, etc. that happen so frequently onscreen we barely notice any more. 'Movie logic', stupid behaviours, and everything related.


Revealing mistake: "Hacking" something by hammering a keyboard and characters appearing they're nowhere near actually typing.

Revealing mistake: People playing video games in a movie or TV show will often mash the button in a way that doesn't match what is going on in the game.

Revealing mistake: In driving scenes, the driver of the car usually has very over exaggerated movements of his or her hands on the steering wheel. When in reality you're not moving it that noticeably except a few micro corrections every few seconds or taking turns.

Quantom X

Revealing mistake: So many times people drinking coffee and similar from cups, they're empty. These cups are being tilted so much if they had any liquid in them it would be spilled everywhere. Or else the sound of the empty cup being put down is that of an empty cup, or else the cups are defying the laws of gravity which should be applying to full containers.

Revealing mistake: Actors supposedly playing instruments in a scene but their hand movements don't match the music.

Revealing mistake: After somebody gets run through with a sword, knife, spear, etc., and withdrawn from the stabbed body, there is no blood, gore, etc., seen on the blade.


Revealing mistake: "Snowflakes" will stay on a person's coat/shoulders and top of head plus will not melt when the person goes indoors; it might "roll off."


Revealing mistake: Vehicles that are about to be involved in a crash have their windows cracked, shattered or blown out immediately before (a fraction of a second to 1-2 seconds). Conversely, some vehicles suffer no glass shattering when they roll over. The Good Son can serve as an example of both "mistakes." in chapter #9: "Mr. Highway", the first bus that turns on its side has no window breakage; the car that smashes into the bus has a crack in the driver's side windshield; at least two other cars get their windows blown out before ramming into the wrecked cars ahead of them.


Revealing mistake: Often times in movies when people are watching footage recorded that was supposed to be from the perspective of someone else, ie. from their eyes or recording glasses, or from a camera, it is not shown correctly. Rather than actually showing the images from the first person perspective, it shows camera footage of that person or previous footage from the movie the people are in.

Quantom X

Revealing mistake: Cars flipping after a crash which have had their petrol tank taken out for safety or for effects equipment.

Revealing mistake: In many in-car scenes, the background shown outside the windows either doesn't change or is the same scene used over and over.


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Suggested correction: I don't think I've ever seen this outside of animation. It certainly isn't a common error. Can you cite some specific examples?

What is more common in driving scenes, especially in crowded cities, is drivers never having to stop for street lights or make turns. They continue driving through the city in a straight line as the characters talk.

Mike Lynch

Revealing mistake: Whenever people drive in cars at night, lights angled upward are used so the characters' faces can be seen.

Mike Lynch

Revealing mistake: Pizza that is supposed to be hot and fresh because it was just delivered but is obviously cold and stale. There is never any melted cheese, the slices are perfectly cut and come apart easily, and the slices are firm instead of drooping. Nobody would ever pay for a pizza if it was delivered looking that way.


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