Ready Player One

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Plot hole: In all scenes where special or heavy items are used against the sixers, they are 'zeroed' in waves or circles. This can be seen by their stations turning red in clusters. This makes no sense as the stations have fixed positions, meaning that the sixers would have identical positions in the Oasis and have no freedom or own will to move relative to each other.

Continuity mistake: In Chapter 19, Wade describes the small efficiency apartment he has moved into, which used to be an average hotel room. He says at one point that the room "was basically a cube, about ten meters long on each side." A ten-meter cube is actually a really big room - that's over 32 feet on each side, including ceiling height. Then, just to confirm that this is indeed a mistake, later in the same chapter he refers to "my tiny one-room apartment."


Character mistake: At the end of chapter 16, Wade describes Columbus, Ohio as looking like Oz at the end of the yellow brick road. However Oz is the name of the world. It was the emerald city that was at the end of the yellow brick road.

Continuity mistake: In Chapter 24 Wade tells that Daito's avatar was killed the same day when he passed the second gates, after that he rants about IOI and the fact that in the next 2 days they have found the third key, and yet in next couple of day he felt depressed and finally he got a call from Shoto and when Shoto visits him in Chapter 25 he says that Sixers killed Daito a day before.

Continuity mistake: In Ch. 29 when the IOI eargear is first put on Wade, it is "clamped onto his right earlobe, piercing it in two locations." But then, in Ch. 31, Wade disengages the eargear and describes the pain as it "pulled free of the cartilage on my left ear." So there are two mistakes here: first, the eargear changes location from his right ear to his left, and second, it goes from being in his earlobe (which lacks cartilage) to a part of the ear that does contain cartilage.


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