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Corrected entry: After they escape from the Ministry, Ron is freaking out over the others using Voldemort's name. The same way he has been freaking out the entire series. However at the beginning of this book, Ron said Voldemort's name with no problem.


Correction: He is starting to change his usual habit, but in a time of stress he reverts back to what he has been doing his whole life. That's quite natural, and not a mistake.


Corrected entry: As part of the preparations for Bill and Fleur's wedding, Mrs. Weasley confronts Charlie about his hair, and he is later observed to be running his hand over his "brutally short haircut." However, when Bill and Charlie first appear in Goblet of Fire, it was Bill that who was scolded by Molly for having long hair. The first description of his appearance (when it is observed that he looks "cool"), specifically mentions his long hair. Charlie's hair isn't mentioned at all.


Correction: If Charlie's hair isn't mentioned at all, then it obviously isn't described as being short, is it? Besides, three years between scenes is plenty of time to grow your hair out to a length that'd irritate your mum.

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Corrected entry: When Harry stuns Umbridge and Yaxley in the courtroom, he "whirls around" to see dementors approaching Mrs. Cattermole. But Harry was already facing her, having been seated behind Umbridge, Yaxley, and Hermione.

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Correction: The dementors are behind Harry and are also facing Mrs. Cattermole. When he turns around to face them he turns his back on her.

Corrected entry: The Taboo on Voldemort's name is how Harry, Ron, and Hermione are found in Tottenham Court Road. How is it they are not found later in Grimmauld Place? Doesn't the taboo disrupt any and or all forms of magical protection, such as before they are taken to Malfoy Manor from the woods?

Correction: Grimauld place is hidden under the fidelius charm, as such the death eaters know the taboo has been broken, evident in the fact they appear in the area. However because they are not part of the secret they can't see the house. In the woods they were hidden behind more basic privacy charms that are easier to break.

Corrected entry: After Ron and Hermione meet Harry after going to the Chamber of Secrets to get a basilisk fang, Ron demonstrates how he opened the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. He made a 'strangled, hissing noise'. Harry was still a Parseltongue, right? Harry should have heard 'open'. Of course, he did copy Harry, but you can still understand when someone imitates another language, right?

Correction: The book isn't told from Harry's point of view. Rowling is describing the sound of a parseltounge speaking to the average reader.

Corrected entry: In chapter nine, after confronting the death eaters in the cafe, Hermione tells Ron and Harry that she has never performed a memory charm before. Yet in chapter six she explained to them that she had used a memory charm on her parents to make them forget all about her and move to Australia where they would be safe.

Correction: According to J.K. Rowling, the spell Hermione used on her parents was *not* a Memory Charm. The spell she did use altered their memories of her instead of removing them completely.

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Corrected entry: Dumbledore is tormented by the thought that he may have been the one to accidentally kill his sister as she got caught in the midst of the duel between Grindenwald, his brother and himself. However there is a spell referenced and used in this book and priors that can be cast to reveal a wand's prior actions.

Correction: If Dumbledore in his exhaustion and grief forgot about Priori Incantatem, that's a clear character mistake. By the time he remembered, he had probably used the wand numerous times, so the Priori spell would be no good.


Corrected entry: At least twice in the book, it states that Dumbledore had defeated Grindelwald in their historic duel. How did this happen if Grindelwald possessed (and was master of) the Elder Wand at that time?

Correction: It is entirely possible to defeat people who possess the Elder Wand; in fact, that is how ownership IS transferred! It all depends on WHO is using the Wand, HOW they use it (if at all) and who they are fighting. If Grindelwald was reluctant to use the full force of the wand on Dumbledore, Dumbledore would no doubt be powerful enough to gain the upper hand.


Corrected entry: In the chapter, "Prince's tale", there's a memory in which Snape and Lily are talking about the friends of each other (the memory begins with Snape saying "I thought we were friends"). In this memory, Lily says that James has saved Snape's life, but Snape says that he was only saving himself. Some lines before, Snape makes it clear that he doesn't know that Lupin is a werewolf. However, in "Prisoner of Azkaban", Lupin said (and Snape himself) that after James saved Snape's life, he knew that Lupin was a werewolf. So this memory doesn't match - if James already saved Snape's life, he should've known that Lupin was a werewolf. (And that's why he would say that James was only saving himself).

Correction: Nowhere does Snape say he doesn't believe Lupin is a werewolf. He mentions how they sneak out at night. Lily mentions that Lupin is ill. Snape replies "every month at the full moon?" And Lily said that she knew Snape's theory about that. That's the full extent of their conversation.


Corrected entry: Near the end of chapter thirty, it says that the only people left in the room of requirement are Harry, Ginny, Mrs Weasley, Lupin, Fred, George, Bill and Fleur. But on the next page Percy (who had recently entered the room) says sorry to Mr Weasley, but Mr Weasley had left the room along with all the other people.

Correction: It did not say they were the only people in the room. It states "The crowd was thinning. Only a little knot of people remained." It never states who left or who remained. It states that Harry joined Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Lupin, Fred, Grorge, Bill and Fleur.


Corrected entry: Harry tells Hermione that he has barely opened "A History of Magic" since the time that he bought it, but in the opening scene of "Prisoner of Azkaban," he is doing his homework out of it (and seems reasonably familiar with the text).

Correction: "Barely" is a very relative term. Harry might have used the book in the past, but when compared to Hermione, who knows it practically by heart, he is not very familiar with the text. Harry is simply stating that he has not used the book more than absolutely necessary.


Corrected entry: In Chapter 36 named "The Flaw in the Plan", Harry sees Charlie Weasley (from the Order) overtaking Horace Slughorn. However, on the opposite page, Voldemort is dueling other Order members (McGonnagall and Shacklebolt), and Slughorn is seen fighting Voldemort alongside them. Who is Slughorn fighting for?

Correction: To "overtake" means "to catch up with (and pass by)" (Merriam-Webster dictionary). So Charlie ran past Slughorn when both of them were coming to fight Voldemort.


Other mistake: Ron gives Harry a book for his birthday, which he says Fred and George gave him last year on his birthday. He says he wished he had it when he was with Lavender. However, Ron was with her on his birthday last year.

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Trivia: J. K. Rowling considered two alternate titles for this book: "Harry Potter and the Elder Wand," and "Harry Potter and the Peverell Quest."

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Question: Since Lily is a muggle born, why did Voldemort offer to recruit her 3 times as well as James? He hates muggle borns. And why not kill her when she refused before when he set out to kill Harry? Also, why did he offer to let her live just cause Snape requested it?


Answer: Voldemort more than likely saw Lily as a valuable bargaining chip. JK Rowling revealed in an interview that Voldemort always planned on killing James (which is why his death did not count as a sacrificial love). The reason Voldemort agreed to Snape's pleas to offer Lily a chance to live, is because he rewards his followers (always at a cost, however). Voldemort likely agreed only because he probably thought he could use Lily as leverage to ensure Snape was at his mercy.

Answer: Voldemort may have only wanted to recruit James Potter, a pure-blood, but could not have done that without also recruiting Lily, a Muggle-born and James' wife. Voldemort could have disposed of Lily later, if he so chose.

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