Max Payne trailer

By Jon Sandys

Sun 31st Aug 2008

I've been faintly skeptical of the potential for this ever since first hearing about it, gaming fan that I am. Max Payne 2 for me is still the benchmark for me of storytelling in games - you can stick your Bioshock and GTA IV (although not very far away, what with them both being impressive too). Bit by bit though my expectations are being elevated from "bloody awful" to "not bad", due to the ever average Mark Wahlberg (who I have absolutely no problem with, he's just never yet really grabbed me in any movie) and a director who's got a few solid but unexciting movies under his belt. Plus Mila Kunis, who's entirely too gorgeous to warrant being the voice of Meg Griffin.

I digress, as ever. A trailer's finally been released, and they seem to have got the tone of the movie pretty much bang onto that of the games, which is a good start at least, and the plot seems broadly consistent too. I'm still not champing at the bit for it, but it's looking at least vaguely worth having thus far. Put it this way, the trailer's a massive improvement on the Hitman trailer, which screamed a mindless lack of effort from the start, and yet still ended up being better than the execrable finished product. Great though the Hitman games are, none of them really had a plot, so turning them into a movie was always going to be a bad idea. Max Payne however has a solid enough footing that treated right it just might impress me...

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